Drawbridge on Islais Creek.


San Francisco is the City that knows how but among the constituents for the umpteen times the Board of Supervisors (BOS) who make their abode at City Hall and meet in Room 250, time and time again make fools of themselves. The legislative branch of the City and County of San Francisco should be above buffoonery but the BOS pride themselves when they embrace buffoonery in the open and wear it proudly on their shirts and skirts.

Leading the pack Sophie Maxwell the dumb, ignorant, and fake arrogant whose sits there in the chambers often talking to Bevan much as she did with Mark Leno who now is pursuing his own agenda in Sacramento - forgetting his roots and who sent him there in the first place. Sophie screws up on anything she touches - the conduits too!

Willie L. Brown towards the end of his evil regime courted Sophie Maxwell trying to make her some fake African Queen whose roots in Public Housing, the Haight Ashbury, and certification in Oakland when she failed in San Francisco - an Electrician who does not know a single thing about conduits much less about simple legislation.

Some years ago Sophie Maxwell with San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) was pussy footing around Islais Creek. I happened to be there and the dumb woman was pretending that she understood that digging 3 conduits under the Force Main was nothing to worry about.

The result the Force Main carrying over 180 million - yes million gallons of half-treated sewage by Pier 80 collapsed and to this day cannot be fixed. Sophie looks the other way trying to blame others. The Board of Supervisors fail to understand the repercussion of this site where sits the Force Main. Adding insult to injury the 3 conduits costing millions - may be as much as 30 million dollars cannot be used. A drill bit was lost. The Force Main a large 6-foot pipe damaged for life. The Muwekma Ohlone Park sitting right on top of the Force Main destroyed. Confusion galore and to this day no one is taking charge.

The contractor who was responsible was White and from the East Coast. The contractor at one time boasted that his company had insurance for a month and no one could touch him. Apparently the whole project was so hush hush that Sophie Maxwell, MUNI, SFPUC, and the SF Port were confounded, perplexed, and astonished and never expected the shit to hit them in the face. Literally!

So we would have thought that the misinformed, ill informed, often ignorant BOS would have learned something. Not in a lifetime will these buffoons learn. McGoldrick with his diatribe, Aaron Peskin the juggler of confusion, Bevan Dufty pretending to be understanding, Sophie so ignorant and high on something, Ammiano right of left and jokes aside so Queer in his thinking, Michela Alioto she really did well with Homeland Security and cannot make up her mind, Sandoval the budget has got to him he is there some times, Tony Hall the conservative who always has that one NO vote to his credit, Chris Daly is still on his China trip and on his honeymoon, Fiona Ma she still cannot do her audit and brags from time to time about being some New Yorker CPA! Matt he sits so high that often he fails to come down to Earth.

June 29, 2004 the Board of Supervisors unanimously passed 11-0 to vote for a lousy, ill designed movable bridge over Islais Creek. Whites have ruined San Francisco. It is a shame that again and again I have to remind them of that. The last frontier that is Islais Creek which the Board Clerk could not pronounce at the BOS meeting and the other BOS have no idea about - really, made a bad decision.

If that bridge is built thousands of diesel toxic spewing vehicles will pollute the area around Islais Creek. The land, the air, and the water and all life that lies therein will die. Of course how would the BOS know? They have NO clue. No real assessment has been done of the immediate area. No contemporary Environmental Impact Study, Report, or even an Assessment. Shame on the Board of Supervisors.

Not long ago the SF Port Authority wasted over 1 million dollars on the clean up at Pier 92. Over 20 million dollars in indirect and direct expenses resulting in the FAILED conduits under Islais Creek followed that. And now comes this lousy, ill designed movable bridge over Islais Creek that is going no where. What can one expect from buffoons?

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