300 years ago all that we see in San Francisco and the neighboring counties was pristine. There were real wetlands, marshland, shellmounds, deer, bear, birds, native trees and scrubs, butterflies, and other good stuff that would fill a thousand pages.

Missing from this balance and harmony were the Whites who invaded this land and destroyed all that was good. An unwanted element.

For most of you who forget about the past this land belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone the First People of San Francisco and the Bayarea.

The First People welcome the people of color and especially those who have indigenous blood. They do this because people of color and the indigenous people have stood by the Muwekma Ohlone the Royalty of this land we call San Francisco and the Bayarea.

Whites have been known to divide and rule. Imagine traversing across oceans to come to this land to seek freedom without any legal papers yet infringing on the rights of all immigrants - especially those who have every right to live in San Francisco, California, and this Nation. The mandate that gives them this freedom comes from the First People who simply were here first. Roman law and all that it entails cannot refute this simply fact.

Recently innocent immigrants were arrested and deported by the Immigration and Naturalization Department from the Mission District. In the City and County of San Francisco we call this a " crime ". First simply because we say so and secondly because we have declared this City and County of San Francisco a safe haven for those who embrace the freedom and compassion of this City.

22 States all over this Nation and growing permit immigrants who are not citizens to vote. We would like our immigrants to vote on those issues that most affect them linked to education, health, housing, travel, safety, jobs, religion and other pertinent issues dear to them.

The indigenous people of the United States have suffered a lot. Once President Jefferson who learned a lot from the First People and respected them sent Lewis and Clark to check out the West and report to him. When these two Whites saw the vast lands and the Pacific Ocean they were shocked. They could not do this without the First People and without a Native American woman Saginaw who guided and saved their lives on many occasions. Saginaw had no immigration papers but she had a heart that the Whites are determined to anathematize.

Once the Great Spirit spoke and he said that once that Paleface sets foot on Mother Earth - all that we see now will change. Once there was the Buffalo and it has been decimated. Here in California the bear and many native plants, real wetlands, marshland, and most of all hospitality have been destroyed by greed and over development by Whites who want more, and more, and more, and more. Shame.

Whites who dominate this land that was stolen from the indigenous people and here in San Francisco the Muwekma Ohlone think they get away with murder. After screwing this land which once had the abundance of most everything and forcing the indigenous people into Reservations to starve and die. Marching indigenous people like Chief Joseph and his people hundreds of miles away to a barren land and murdering innocent children and women they now want to prey on those who can least defend themselves.

On the home front, division rules and no one can travel freely without some one at some point of entry frisking you as if you are a criminal. Only the Whites could come out with such a solution of mistrust.

The word Alien used by the immigration folks and other such clichˇ betray the basic human rights, which this Nation has flaunted again and again. Our jails are full of people of color who cannot defend themselves. In other lands crooks have betrayed the trust of the Nation.

Crooks, who have broken the Geneva Convention mandates, mandates decided at The Hague, commonly understood Military Laws roam scott free and proclaim with a forked tongue that they are "Survivors". This is a joke.

Immigrants are simply folks who give their best to any Nation or land where they come to make a living working hard to put corn, beans, and meat on the table. They may not speak the language but they have a heart and that is what counts when any one can stand tall and say not a word but fill the air with joy and purpose of life.

The Spanish first came to the Presidio of San Francisco in 1776. Prior to that came the Russians and the Vikings. Thousands of years before that roaming freely on this land we call San Francisco were the Ohlone and their tribal next of kin the Miwoks, Pomos, and several other tribes. They carried no papers but lots of simple gifts and tons of pure love.

When the first ships touched San Francisco very near the present Presidio of San Francisco the Ohlone did not ask the Spanish for their visas and other such mundane stuff meant to demean the very self respect real women and men have. Only Whites in their most demeaning manner will take mistrust and embody it in papers that mean nothing in the real world of beings - homo sapiens.

When most of the world was civilized and that includes Babylon most Whites did not bathe and were uncivilized. It is this inherent understanding of inferiority that they carry with them to this day. Always putting down people of color and coming out with gimmicks to impose their mistrust especially on those who are superior to them. They really suffer from an inferiority complex.

Time our Board of Supervisors and Matt Gonzalez reaffirm once and for all that in the City and County of San Francisco we will not have a repetition of what happened in the Mission District when innocent immigrants were hauled and deported to Mexico. Thieves once bought California for a million dollars worth in gold. They stole the gold in the first place and Mexico received it with reluctance because they had no choice. Names were left for the crooks to read and remember who named the Missions, the towns, and the Cities - Santa Rosa, Santa Barbara, San Jose, Santa Cruz, and of course the City that bears my name San Francisco.

Long live immigrants and we will not allow harm to come to those who have a heart!

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