The Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) is managed by the National Park Service (NPS). One of the biggest mistakes ever made was turning over Upper Fort Mason, Lower Fort Mason, and Alcatraz over to the NPS.

The worst mistake ever was to turn over Cliff House and the Maritime Museum. The very worse the Presidio of San Francisco and East Fort Baker to a bunch of racists.

The NPS management at GGNRA is mostly rednecks and the mentality of the upper management has always been to discriminate against people of color. Three women standout Darlene Williams and Millie Bristow, and Ruth Foster. All great African American women and each one a very hard worker. It is amazing after all these years going back to 1995 I still remember each of these women as if it was yesterday.

I could name many more NPS employees women and men - most of them men of color that the NPS discriminated against. The common denominators Brian O'Neill, Susan Hurst, Mai Liis Bartling, Leo Guillory, Barbara Jo Griffin and some more. Some of the scumbags have retired but the first four I have named continue to harm hundreds of employees by their arrogant ways.

LIUNA 1140 the Laborers International Union of North America has tried to step up to the plate but every time it does so - Management has done everything in its power to destroy the good that the Union desires to attain. Bob Purcell pretends to help our Union Stewards but has not done enough to take NPS Management to task for blatant discrimination practices.

At one time working for the NPS I did not make waves and tried my best to change things. I managed to do much when I worked for Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco.

I represented the Army at most of the Equal Employment Opportunity workshops and conferences. I also worked with the Union representing the civilian employees who worked for the Army at the Presidio of San Francisco.

When Sixth Army was deactivated and I chose to work for the NPS. I made the greatest mistake of my life. I have never ever met a bunch of racist bastards as I did when I worked for the NPS. Initially, I observed and dealt with a lot of nonsense. After some time I took the bastards on and won - each and every time.

Today, I take every opportunity to state to the NPS that they are still a racist organization. Recently the NPS played hell with the United States Park Police Chief who is white and a woman who will not take crap from the NPS.

This is opportune time to sue the bastards and take them to court but more to destroy the racial and discriminatory tactics the NPS uses to harm people of color and stand up to the evil practices which are endorsed by evil people like Susan Hurst and Mai Liss Bartling.

Management makes it very difficult for people of color to get promotion and the few who are working are targeted. The Union tries its best but the Management will do everything in its power to put down the Union.

The Union President representing the NPS employees tries his best. He has been with the NPS for over 30 years. His heart is in the right place and he has had patience with the rednecks and racists scumbags. Enough is enough and the time has come to destroy the den of thieves within the GGNRA. Helping the NPS is the for profit organization:

Fighting the NPS and the tactics it uses:

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