Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) continues to defy logic and is working against the wishes of the constituents of the Southeast Sector of the City and County of San Francisco.

Dan Reid Lanza does not live in the community, she does not live in District 10 and yet Sophie Maxwell continues to defy the decent constituents of the Southeast Sector and supports LEJ in building a Living Classroom on an overlook open space at McLaren Park.

There was a time that LEJ wasted thousands of dollars all money given to LEJ as part of mitigation dollars to help the constituents of the Southeast Sector trying to build a Living Classroom on a Toxic Dump that is Pier 98. More over Pier 98 is a few hundred feet from the old, toxic spewing Hunters Point Power Plant. The plan failed.

LEJ realized after being adamant for the long time that it was wrong to build a Living Classroom at Pier 98. Now LEJ is suddenly making a devious turn to build a Living Classroom at McLaren Park. The constituents who hold McLaren Park dear do not want some one like LEJ that has done nothing to preserve Open Space coming and destroying a historic open space overlook.

Sophie Maxwell whose key interests lie in the Haight Ashbury Area is now making an ASS of herself. She has stated to me in the presence of others that she does not approve the way LEJ works. Yet this is the second time I know for a fact she will support LEJ as a partner in crime in the distribution of the $13.3 million mitigation money that the State of California gave the City and County of San Francisco to help those who were adversely affected by the aging power plants - Mirant and Hunters Point.

LEJ is surely making a big mistake and it would be proper for LEJ to return all the money it has spent and has in reserve and give it back to San Francisco Environment.

LEJ is not respected in the community and its devious activities using youth as a ploy will come to bite LEJ in the butt. Our youth should not be used as a ploy.

I hope Dana Lanza understands that it is wrong to use the youth and it is wrong to continue to pursue this Living Classroom project in these days of fiscal constraints. I hope Mayor Gavin Newsom pays heed and warns Recreation and Park of the City and County of San Francisco to stay away from LEJ.

It would be prudent to read the article by Ms. Okuda posted on this web site. I have not met Ms. Okuda but she went out of her way to study the community and make her own conclusions. The conclusion points to a devious mentality that wants to trample on the good deeds of true activists and those who advocate for the good of the environment.

What really spurs LEJ in all matters is money and greed. This has been the common denominator in all Dana Lanza's projects.

It is a shame that Sophie Maxwell who does not understand simple issues - continues to defy logic and sides with people who do not have the interests of the constituents of San Francisco and especially those of the District 10.

Right now there is a recall petition in place to remove Sophie Maxwell. One would think that Sophie Maxwell would pause and listen. Here is yet one more reason why Sophie Maxwell meets the definition of dumb, inept, and very arrogant.

McLaren Park and the entire Southeast once belonged to the Muwekma Ohlone. The Muwekma do not approve of the Living Classroom an off the grid concept that does not make sense on the edge of an overlook that has been there for decades. Who the hell does LEJ think that they can just chose the site to build a Living Classroom which makes no sense and destroy an Open Space that should be left alone?

A Living Classroom is prone to an earthquake and puts many in danger at the end of a precipice - this plan makes no sense.

Again you have a White woman who purports to try to help people of color but in fact works only for White Folks and uses people of color to make money and foster greed. Dana Reid Lanza does not live in the community and does not really care about the community.

True environmentalists do not fight the community they work with the community. David Erickson, Espanola Jackson, Lynne Brown, Maurice Campbell, Franco Mancini, Andrew Bozeman others too many to mention fail to understand the narrow mentality of Literacy for Environmental Justice.

Recreation and Park, San Francisco Environment, the Mayor's Office, the Board of Supervisors should not allow the Living Classroom to be built anywhere on McLaren Park. The Living Classroom should be built in the Bayview Hunters Point on a clean or abated site. It is as simple as that.

LEJ has no business choosing McLaren to fulfill its devious designs and foster corruption and greed. LEJ has not stood for what is right - but for what is wrong every time it has come with a plan to place the Living Classroom which again has no place near the constituents who live near or around McLaren Park.

Wake up LEJ or forever hold your peace.

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