In the year 2005 many in the United States will look back to the expedition of Lewis and Clark. 200 years ago is not a long time ago but in terms of what has been done during that period of time to California and the First People who lived here much needs to be researched.

This web site has spoken loud and clear about the injustices meted out to the First People. Our deep concern has not only focused on the First People of California but the Nation as a whole. Here is San Francisco it has been the Muwekma Ohlone - the first people of San Francisco and the extended Bay area. Please visit: www.muwekma.org.

We have many tribes living all over the United States. Often times those of us who are citizens and legally here, tend to forget that the First People were here before we the strangers came to this land. Today, many Native Americans live on reservations. Many are treated as second class citizens.

Here in California the Native American tribes have suffered the most. There are still many tribes who are not Federally recognized. The 18 treaties that were signed by the United States and the California tribes were never ratified. Today, after all these years the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe which was once on the Federal Register and illegally removed in 1927 - is still fighting to be put back on the Federal Register. Right now they are on the last leg of their long fight with the Department of Interior (DOI).

This link will give the reader some idea of the various tribes that live all over the United States: www.judicare.org/tribes.html.

It would be nice if our readers could take a trip with Lewis and Clark that is possible using the Internet. Much of California was pristine and all of the Native Tribes were free. Even when the Spanish were here in California they had especial treaties with the Native American Tribes.

Please visit: www.lewis-clark.org.

Finally the maps below gives the reader an idea about all the California Tribes.