Most people who see the Transmission Lines coming up San Bruno Mountains and down to the Jefferson-Martin sub-station have no clue that the Transmission Lines desecrate the Shellmounds of the Ohlone where Sacred Remains have been in place for thousands of years.

At one time dumb White Folks did not give a hoot about the Native Americans. They just did as they pleased. It is very hard for any White person to own that up until 1924 one could kill any Native American and get some $5 for his or her scalp. In fact the State of California and the Governor who resided there encouraged such skirmishes into Native American jurisdiction to commit such ghastly crimes.

Let us remember that today it would be impossible for any entity to build those transmission lines without an Environmental Impact Study. v The laws of The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act would apply and so would countless Environmental Laws.

It is time the California Public Utilities Commission and the California Independent System Operator pay mitigation dues to the suffering of Native Americans - in San Francisco the Muwekma Ohlone. I can say as one who is their spokesman on matters such as Energy Power that the blood of the Ohlone is on your hands. If you do not do something RIGHT you all will never be righteous in the eyes of that which is wholesome and good.

It is time the Governor of California understand that his office did not do justice to the Ohlone. Now, is the time not to repeat the injustice by polluting our land and spewing toxics into the air, the waters and the land?

It simply amazes me how White folks and some others who should know better will just follow the Almighty Dollar. Some of them will sell their mothers for a quarter nay a nickel. Simply mind-boggling.

It is fine to fight hard for the Blue Butterfly that makes its abode on the San Bruno Mountain. It is fine to preserve the Shellmounds after a compromise where a portion was given to build homes. It is fine to build huge Transmission Lines that desecrate the Sacred Remains. In fact most no one gives a hoot to do the right thing. I think this purely stems from ignorance and very poor education. Lack of history, compassion for the world community, no respect for each other and Mother Earth.

The Supervisor from District 10 falls into this category. So does San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. So does the lame duck Mayor.

Now the transmission lines come into the City and County of San Francisco and the two old toxic spewing polluting Power Plants are tied to the Transmission Lines.

Just in case some of you do not know where they are situated the Hunters Point Power Plant is situated at Hunters Point very close to the Hunters Point Projects and on land that once the Ohlone lived on. In fact around this area many years ago Ohlone remains, were removed and dumped into the Bay by developers.

The other Power Plant is the Mirant one and that too is situated closer to Hunters Point then the Potrero Hill where some are making all the fuss about. I know of NO power plant on Potrero Hill - I mean the Potrero Hill. I know one closer to Dog Patch and Little Hollywood, on flat land by 3rd Street and closer to Hunters Point.

The Mirant Plant borders property that belongs to the San Francisco Port. We really do not know what the deal is between the SF Port and the City and County of San Francisco. But let me tell you something the Williams Energy Company has connections and they on purpose led the City and County down this sordid road because they fully understood the SF City and County of San Francisco and the SF PUC does not have the will nor will they have any Accountability or Transparency.

The time line for the 4 Combustible Turbines is December 2003. The new Mayor will be in office January 7, 2004.

We first want an Environmental Impact Study and then we can deal with the 4 Combustible Turbines, which will be run on Natural Gas which will cost this City and County of San Francisco as high at 400% more. Now, why would we want to spend so much money? I mean WE the ratepayers.

Today, I hear that the dumb Supervisor from District 10 and few of her cronies from the City and County of San Francisco and the SF Public Utilities Commission want to have some Dog and Pony meetings in places where the constituents are not informed. Well, let us have one in the Mission District and one at Milton Meyers on Kiska Road. Come on girls and boys let us play ball if you want to. Let us NOT bluff the constituents of San Francisco.

The site by Mirant has archeological findings. The CROOKS know that but they want to proceed.

These 4 Dirty, yes Dirty Combustible Turbines should be placed at Larkin sub station, the Mission sub Station, the SF Zoo, and one at 5th Street and Mission.

Please do not play this game to place these 4 Dirty Combustible Engines in or around Pier 70. It is totally wrong to do so and to hurry up and screw up things. After all the ratepayers pay for whatever happens. The dumb politician and the uninformed SF PUC employees do not really care what happens to the constituents of San Francisco.

Right now is the time not to further desecrate the land of the Muwekma Ohlone. Of course most people do not know what I am talking about. How could they know - their mamas do not even know. Black folks must remember that the Native American and they have a shared history. But Willie Brown would not know this - he would know more about Fillmore the brothels and the card gaming that went there. Willie Brown’s track record linked to the Native Americans is ZIP, NADA, and one big Z E R O.

The sooner he leaves our City the better. His stupid cronies can follow and we all will be very happy.

While we may think that out San Francisco there is a shortage of Electricity - the fact of the matter is that too many new Electric Plants have and will come on line. Time for us to revamp, repair, replace, and maintain our Transmission Lines both within and outside our City and County of San Francisco. This is one simple factor that no one is paying any attention to. The recent East Coast power failure and BLACK OUT brought so many of the lethargic goof balls scratching their heads till their hair fell out. Well, we have been playing games - we have a third country GRID trying to keep up with the cascade of energy we call electricity coming down lines which cannot transmit the energy. The result our Transmission Lines carry about 60% of the load and the rest leaks. The same happens when anyone uses old electrical equipment it does disservice to those of us who try to conserve. This ping-pong ball game must stop.

Let us honor the Muwekma Ohlone. Let us respect and thank them for allowing us to build the huge Transmission Lines on San Bruno Mountain and which is the abode of the endangered Blue Butterfly.

Let us use our brains and not be dumb. Let us not permit our precious being to desecrate this Earth. A mind is a precious thing to waste. Let us work for the community and get rid of the chaff, which are the dumb politicians and those who worship the Almighty Dollar.



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