San Francisco and its constituents have done themselves proud by doing everything possible to waste as little as possible. In recent years Norcal Waste Systems and the other waste management companies have put their heads together to educate the public and send as little waste as possible to the landfill. San Francisco is aiming to recycle 75% of its waste. So far we are doing very well and the future is ours to care for.

We have said it before that recycling is a must and respecting this Earth is paramount to the survival of humans who live but one life. Indigenous people all over the Earth never waste they take and use as much as is necessary and as much as satisfies there needs. Unfortunately, some where along the line others have taken the opposite approach exploiting the earth and often encouraging waste much to the detriment of the Earth.

Waste is any form brings with it unique problems as it does solutions. Tons and tons of recycled white paper, aluminum cans, glass bottle, cardboard, fairly clean used material can and is recycled. Used material, which is tainted with pollutants, is not easy to recycle and often sent to the landfills. Plastics can remain in landfills for years slowly polluting the Earth with toxins. Toxins that seep into the Earth can and often do pollute the Ground water.

Today we have learned to recycle left overs from various restaurants and other sources that generate - left overs. From such good stuff we have the ability to generate fertilizers that farms and vineyard vie for.

There is nothing we humans use that cannot be recycled. We even have the ability to recycle wastewater and through a process convert the end product into clear drinking clean water.

Every single day tons of scrap metal, bales of used white paper, cardboard, crushed aluminum cans, are shipped all over the world especially the Pacific Rim to be recycled. Often times the recycled material return to the United States in the form of cars, furniture, construction material, and so on. Our Nation wastes a lot but it is time we learn not to waste and continue to waste a little.

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