This web site has always been on the fore front and called a spade a spade. The Trust created the Presidio Trust Implementation Plan (PTIP) to circumvent the General Management Plan (GMP) and the Environmental Impact Study (EIS). An important reason to circumvent the GMP and the EIS to accommodate the Lucas Digital Center and its huge plans at the Presidio. No where in the GMP and the EIS is there room for such a huge plan. Now we learn from the Trust that some important elements such as Financial Disclosure and other fiscal elements linked to the George Lucas company were totally over looked by the Presidio Trust, when George Lucas was chosen to build his dream project at the Presidio in place of the hospital.

It is a shame that the Trust Board and especially Mary Murphy makes light of such an over sight. I consider it disgusting. I say so because many of us took great pains to attend the planing meetings linked to the Lucas Digital Center. At every meeting the Presidio Trust lied to those who attended the meetings. Many of us thought that there was some FAIR PLAY but the Trust and all those involved lied and lied.

I am sure if this is the case the Presidio Trust lied to Congress too. So, if this is the case all those involved with the selection of Lucas Digital Center should be brought to book. Or is it fashionable to lie to Congress as one would to one's mistress! These Correctional Officers who surrounded James Meadows and the Solicitor Karen Cook - all seem nonchalant when it comes to telling the TRUTH.

The ouster of James Meadows is just the tip of the iceberg. It is time for all those who were around James Meadows to leave the Bay Area and stay away from the Presidio of San Francisco. It is common knowledge that James Meadows used the General's Guest House to house his dogs.

It is such disregard of the Presidio and its structures carried over by Bruce Anderson, Steve Hood, and the other hoods that makes us all very angry. It is such behavior that calls for the ouster of all those involved in the destruction of the Presidio of San Francisco.

It is such behavior that calls for accountability. Such behavior warrants that the Trust Bill be revisited and that language be incorporated to make the Trust and its Board and Management - accountable.

Language should be incorporated to permit the UNION to bargain with Trust Management and for employees to follow laws and regulations that brings about progress and curbs adverse actions that have been meted out to innocent Trust employees and others since 1995.

There is a current pending case with The Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Authority (FSLRA) in Washington D.C. I sincerely hope the FSLRA rules against the Trust and brings justice to the Union and the Trust employees.

It is a shame that the Trust has wasted so much precious time and millions of dollars. It is a shame that the Trust took the low ground and lied. It is a shame that we who were there before the crooks and will be there after the crooks have to see before our eyes the corruption of the highest order meted out to so many women and men of good faith.

I hope the time has arrived for a renewal of some ethics and standards that the Army stood for. That the Presidio of San Francisco stands for hope and goodness and not the evil that has been perpetuated by the Trust. That the Presidio remembers the Ohlone who were at the Presidio much before the strangers - that the strangers take a lead from the Ohlone and embrace all - as did the Ohlone thousands and hundreds of years ago. After all the history of the Presidio of San Francisco did not begin in 1776!

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