We keep hearing that we live in a civilized society where women and men of good faith play fair games. Yet, it comes as no surprise that Mafia Tactics are used at the Presidio of San Francisco - daily.

Recently the Business Manager of the Union representing the employees of the Trust visited building 1750. While she was there as she is accustomed to do she posted a couple of messages on the Union Notice Board. As soon as she left - some one dared to write: "KILL THAT B*TCH". As if that was not enough - this person or his accomplice stabbed the notice - adding insult to injury.

This incident was reported to the United States Park Police. This incident should be reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and this nonsense nipped in the bud. Several African Americans working for the Trust have been treated like slaves by some Trust Managers - mostly those who hail from Colorado. They should go back to Colorado and take with them their unwanton behaviors which stinks to high heaven.

The Trust has an African American who is now working for the Trust. As the Chief Financial Officer he is putting some order and a few Trust Managers have at last got to play by the rules. For a long time Trust Managers had NO accountability and NO transparency. One Trust Manager who has never played by the rules is Bruce Anderson. Another is Steve Hood. This is the Bay Area not some region where Red Necks can have their hay day and trample on the rights of innocent individuals.

Many Trust Managers from Colorado live practically for free at the Presidio of San Francisco. They did this under the blessing of James Meadows who was fired. It would be very proper to get rid of those who aided and abetted James Meadows - sooner than later. This does not take an Act of Congress. This matter should not be published in the PRESS again and again to bring some resolution - the sooner these vermin are got rid off the better.

The PRESS has been very slow to expose the Trust and for that matter the National Park Service. The NPS spent over 1.4 million on building 10. A tiny building on Funston Avenue. So, when the Trust spent 700,000 dollars on 1337 on Pope Street - some one learned from the other how to steal from the cookie jar. The NPS wasted over 8 million dollars on the Letterman Hospital - today it has been razed to the ground. These two organizations the Trust and the NPS are run by corrupt White Men and Women and this is a shame - most of the managers are not working for the Presidio or for the National Park but for themselves. The PUBLIC needs some TRANSPARENCY.

Just like the NPS often stated that the history of San Francisco began with the Spanish and gave to credence to the Muwekma Ohlone and to the Ohlone at large - the Trust took it one step further - they practically stated that the history of the Presidio of San Francisco began with themselves.

Recently a well know San Francisco magazine exposed the Trust and its corrupt director James Meadows. The Trust Board with Don Fisher leading the pack - where quick to do some damage control - they fired James Meadows. How ever threats have been sent to the journalist who exposed the Trust and its corrupt practices. Imagine using MAFIA TACTICS this is wrong.

Some time ago the General Accounting Office visited the Trust. The Trust gave the GAO some documents they deemed were fine to audit -the GAO reviewed the documents and gave the TRUST their blessing. This stinks much like the current ENCRON fiasco. The Encron culprits should go to jail and so should the Trust Managers. Many of these individuals have been robbing the bank unabashed and challenging women and men of good faith to confront them.

It is a shame that in 2002 the Trust does not want to recognize the Union. Trust employees work in fear.

It is a shame that the Trust makes million charging market rate rents applicable to down town San Francisco when rents have fallen down. The Trust does not offer services comparable to the rents it charges its tenants. This is a shame.

The Department of Transportation has given the Trust millions. The Trust prides itself that it has a Shuttle which is paid by the DOT. This service came into being after years - first the NPS did nothing and then the Trust did something when pressure was exerted through various Transportation Groups at the Presidio. The public should be given a break down of the DOT funds. The public should be given a break down of the borrowed Treasury Funds. We are talking over 150 million plus.

Mafia Tactics will not work in the Bay Area. It is time the Trust Managers - all those red necks from Colorado pack and leave.

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