Danny Glover and Francisco Da Costa.


Tuesday December 9, 2003 history will be made in San Francisco. Matt Gonzales will win the Mayoral race.

In the last week we have covered all of District 10, 11, 9 and more. We have visited thousands of homes, talked to people, listened to them and we feel sooooo good.

The Mayoral race is about honesty and leadership. It is NOT about position papers and the corrupt links to Willie and his cronies. All that will be history. There is only one candidate that has it and that is Matt.

My Samoan people have worked so hard for the community that it makes me feel good. When I asked them to step up to the plate they did it. It astounds people when they see young Samoans women and men go door to door and blanket huge areas after areas as has never been done in recent history of San Francisco. Talofa! Mahalo.

There can be NO victory without sacrifice and love. Some people think it is about money but this time they will be proved wrong once and for all. I hope Bush learns a lesson and other inept leaders who have let their constituents down. I count among them Feinstein, Boxer, Willie Brown, and Nancy Pelosi. I can see an inch of make up on these characters that have become so artificial and fake. They have NO genuine feelings for their constituents.

This Mayoral race will have thousands of Democrats voting for Matt Gonzalez. They will be a sizable amount of Republicans too. For sure those who are Independent and Green will form the core of the votes. Now, all that is left is for us all to VOTE.

I have met many on the streets of San Francisco. I have attended so many Mayoral meetings. I have listened and learned a lot.

This mayoral election has a fever that is infectious and the artists and the youth lead it. Those who have compassion and those who have a vision. Those who are creative and giving. Hopefully, we will send that viper machinery packing and see no more of special interests in City Hall for a long, long time.

I met Matt Gonzalez yesterday and he was very enthusiastic. I also met Harri Dillion a Civil Rights Leader, Danny Glover and our own Jeff Adachi amongst so many. They were all so fired up. Never have I seen so many young people for the first time in years, all feel they have a common cause that can bring some sunshine into their lives.

The Democrats has been too lethargic for too long. Migden, Mark Leno, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi have acted like zombies doing nothing for their constituents. Other vipers like Sophie Maxwell have let down the constituents. The biggest let down, Willie L. Brown a lame duck Mayor will be out. The sooner the better.

San Francisco deserves the best and we have an excellent candidate who will be victorious - Matt Gonzalez.

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