As of today December 10, James Meadows the Director of the Presidio Trust is History. There is good history and bad history - James Meadows fall into a totally separate category - the worst of the worst.

Today the world is a better place because James Meadows got fired.

This is just the start of the malignant cancer. Now all those CROOKS - most of them from Colorado have to go. This web site was the first to expose the corruption and when we verified the Main Crook was fired we felt happy.

The Presidio Trust has wasted millions of dollars. Before that the National Park Service with Brian O'Neill as its head did the same. Corrupt officials like Susan Hurst, Mai Liis Bartling, and a host of others still remain. Just like James Meadows was fired - it is time that those who did the Presidio harm have to pay their dues.

December 10, 2001 is an important date to remember in the history of the Presidio of San Francisco.

There is every possibility that Craig Middleton will assume the interim responsibility and run the Presidio Trust. He happens to be my good friend. I will help him as best I can.

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