March 27, 2004 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Gavin Newsom and his cronies have organized a Basketball Tournament. It is the intention of our astute young novice Mayor to educate the constituents at Middle Point and the surrounding area in the finer ambiguities of life.

Gavin Newsom has a good heart but he has surrounded himself with people who do not. Really what is missing in the Basketball equation are good jobs, health and safety issues, and in general Quality of Life Issues.

Every single day the old toxic Hunters Point Power Plant spews toxins into the air. Over 60% of the constituents who live in the Public Housing suffer from respiratory diseases. With asthma under your belt and lacking in stamina ones does not take to basketball. But, what does the White Boy know - he watches real TV and what is sees in the fake world he brings to the reality that is Middle Point.

I toured the area and it was fun to see so many Latinos asphalt the roads. I toured the basket ball court and everything is set to go. On the appointed day the nets will adorn the brand new equipment and before you know it - the games will begin.

Sarcasm has its place in life but we are serious hopefully through this parody Gavin will see the face of truth and aim to bring to those who have suffered much - hope, bread and butter.

I often stop and talk to the youth. I see hope in their eyes and they tell me everything from the gunshots that they hear and fear, to hunger which knocks at their door daily. Single mothers trying to bring up children in an area infested with drugs, whores, noise, and all those things that are associated with the worse of the ghetto.

Now and then you will see some walk tall and tell you that as difficult as life is - she or he is making it the real world. I meet those who I watch out from afar. I get a feel when some change is in the wind. It is not all bad - the good is there but the effort to deal with real life is hazardous.

Mostly I go to tell them about job opportunities. How I could clean up some records through Jeff Adachi's Clean Slate Program. I could if they want vouch for them when they apply for a job.

Some times they need a little help with their resume. Other times they request me if they could use my facsimile number or some such pertinent element to the cause that may bring them a chance to better their life.

I thought football, baseball and softball was more in tune with the area that I know as Middle Point. But basketball is fine if it will do the trick and lead the way to jobs, food, health and safety - Quality of Life Issues.

We have had too may shooting on the Hill we call Hunters Point. I hear Young Community Developers who do not represent the community but should work for the community have been given over $400,000. Now this is the opportune time to give our youth, women and men an opportunity to shine and find a life long career. We are fed up of boot camps and short duration jobs. Training with a vision is better.

I hear Dwayne Jones is now Director of the Mayor Office of Community Development. There is talk of Brown Field Cleanup and Housing. There is talk that the Director of the Mayor's Office of Economic Development has been charged to place 3 Combustible Turbines under Jessie Blout? These young Turks have NOT served their community well before for one thing they do not live in San Francisco. Gavin has them close to him because they helped him in his campaign that was won on Absentee Votes. Real votes backed Matt Gonzalez.

Back to track basketball is good and will take us so far. It is after the tournament that we hope Middle Point, West Point and all that is Hunters Point will improve. It is not that it cannot be done - it can, but only when the people are empowered with pride. This comes with jobs, opportunities, safe and sound surroundings. Food on the table. Health.

I wish you Gavin all the best and I hope the young Turks who surround you deliver in the long run. As to the constituents I say watch out for those who run a little with you and then run off forever.

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