The African American community in San Francisco has always been strong and contributed to the growth and culture of this city - the City and County of San Francisco.

There have been many African American entities who have kept the fire burning. The African American Historical Association and others have done what they could and have survived. It is NOT easy to maintain a Library or a Museum in this City. High rents and other over head expenses can wear down any management. However, the African Americans who reside in San Francisco, the Bay Area and all over have time and again come to the rescue of many African American organization and kept the fire burning.

Now at last The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency in cooperation with the Mayor's Office and the developers of the St Regis Museum Tower is assisting in the creation of a 20,000 square foot African American cultural institution in the Yerba Buena Cultural District of downtown San Francisco. This building will be built at 3rd St. and Mission.

The Mission of San Francisco African American Museum: The San Francisco African American Museum connects all people through the culture and history of the African Diaspora in this region and the world.

Vision: Through exhibitions, presentations and activities, the Museum will draw people together - as in a global village - to explore and appreciate the impact of people of African descent to contemporary life the world over.

Mandate: The Museum presents our stories from the unique geographical and geospiritual perspective of a city built on the convergence of African and other world cultures at the far reaches of the African Diaspora.

Values and Principles:

1. We will be a First Voice museum as we believe our stories - past and present - shape the future.

2. The African American experience is a testament to the triumph of humanity.

3. We will encourage the participation of people of all ages, especially young people, and cultivate in them a sense of Museum ownership and stewardship.

4. We will be welcoming and accessible place that encourages contemplation.

5. We are committed to using innovative technologies to create powerful and immersive experiences.

6. We will be an active and supportive collaborator with other African American institutions in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

7. We will achieve sustainability through community service, environmental sensitivity, and fiscal responsibility.

Motto: Engage Your Heritage.

Three stake holder meetings were held. The third one was held December 19, 2001 at 6 p.m. at 701 Mission St., Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Forum. The Redevelopment Agency, its commissioners, and over 150 citizens were present. This unique and impressive Work Shop was conducted under the able guidance of Aileen Hernandez.

We wish this endeavor all the very best.

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