The National Park Service (NPS) under the control of an inept, ignorant, and arrogant Mai-Liis Bartling has not been paying attention to Health and Safety concerns of the thousand visitors at the - of San Francisco who go near the Crissy Field Cesspool.

Most people look at the Crissy Field Lagoon and think that it is a wetland. Crissy Field Lagoon is not a wetland but more a cesspool. The Haas Family and the National Park Service have invested millions of dollars but all that these entities have created is a Cesspool.

The Crissy Field Cesspool has been infested with feces not only human, dog, but worst of all wild birds. All over the world wild birds have been carrying diseases and Crissy Field Cesspool is ripe to spread the next great epidemic to hit the City and County of San Francisco.

The West Nile Virus is on the increase and the Crissy Field Cesspool is inviting trouble:

CDC West Nile Virus Homepage

The City and County has a Integrated Pest Control Department and is looking at standing water, lakes, and large water pools all over the City and County of San Francisco. The City has a plan but Mai-Liis Bartling does not have a plan and I hope when she reads this article she has one.

The Crissy Field Cesspool has been accumulating silt and wild birds and other birds love to land on parts of the cesspool and defecate. Birds do not know better. On any day hundreds of dogs in clear sight of their owners do the same in the cesspool? The pool of water at Crissy Field is a Health and Safety Hazard.

It is paramount that money be set aside to deal with the West Nile Virus and the mosquitoes that will make their home at the Crissy Field Cesspool.

What is important to note is that if Mai-Liis Bartling and her dumb supporters do not do the right thing - she will endanger the health and safety of the constituents of San Francisco? Wild birds will carry the West Nile Virus and others diseases and cause havoc.

Thousands of years ago the area that is now a cesspool was a wetland. In fact it was a Shellmound which is a Sacred Burial Ground of the Ohlone. The National Park Service did all in its power to subdue my efforts. Finally when the NPS dug and found a Shellmound they began calling is a thrash site left by the Ohlone or as the dumb Leo Barker would say a madden. Whatever that means!

I see thousands of children playing in the waters by Crissy Field Beach. The waters are polluted and our innocent children should not be playing anywhere near the beach. One has just to test the waters as I did some weeks ago and found the water infested with feces and other dangerous pollutants.

Very near the beach the Army used an area as a firing range. The firing range caused lots of dangerous pollution. The NPS has not abated the area because when the Corps of Engineers tried to do a good job the NPS would distract the Corps of Engineers who worked for the Army and the Department of Defense.

The public should pay heed and not go near the polluted waters of the Cesspool at Crissy Field. It is prone to be the hot spot of the West Nile Virus and other chronic diseases. Right now many are exposed to various diseases but they do not know it.

I remember thousands were exposed to Tremac some years ago - Tremac was used as a weed agent and contains Orange Agent. The grass was covered with this dangerous weed killer - no National Park, no State Park would ever use such a weed killer and adversely affect the lives of innocent people. Days after this weed killer was sprayed thousands sat on the grass and no one knows what will happen to them.

Much of the remaining Tremac has infiltrated the cesspool and no one ever tested the stagnant waters. Will the NPS do the right thing and take every precaution to keep our constituents safe from any adverse affects? Here is your challenge Mai-Liis Bartling do the right thing.

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