Long before any of the strangers set foot or were really allowed to set foot on what is now the Presidio of San Francisco the Ohlone roamed the entire San Francisco area, the Bay Area and beyond and for sure the Presidio of San Francisco freely. The strangers had to ask permission to literally beg for food and clean drinking water.

The Franciscans Friars explain this in great detail in the Spanish Language. The Ohlone were well organized and had a system that stood the test of time for thousands of years. Then came the Whites - most never took a bath and stunk and it is these strangers that deceived the people who gave them shelter, food, and safety. Stole the land.

There is no doubt a lot of what is now Crissy Field was wet lands. Real wet lands. What we have today at Crissy Field is a lagoon that I prefer to call a cesspool. This cesspool contains many toxins from leaking oil remnants of old fuel tanks that still are underground and leaking. Dog excreta and other foul matters that the Bay water brings in and deposit in the lagoon. The ebb and flow does not work and will never work.

Today the area known, as Crissy Field is more polluted then it ever was. One has just to think about it. It is right that we teach young people the true facts and not hood winking them with garbage and falsehoods.

At Crissy Field there were several Shellmounds. Shellmounds are Sacred Burial Grounds. Around Shellmounds the Ohlone mourned their dead for months on end - one can thus find large amounts of Shells - the shells from shellfish and larger shells such as Abalone. It is wrong to teach our youth that such stuff is garbage.

The National Park Service does not know about the death and mourning ritual and will now because the NPS never has a true sense of history. The NPS is not about the truth. Not about Protection and Preservation.

Later the Army did fill in the wet lands and used construction material and other debris and this was material that did not meet our present standards. The Army also filled the wet lands with house garbage in some cases and this can be called - garbage. The Army did this before the World Fair that was held at Treasure Island and the Presidio of San Francisco and all along the Marina.

One has to remember the Ohlone did not generate garbage, as we know it today. Garbage is a product of the Whites and Materialism that is inherent in Whites. With it come waste and the generation of landfills.

Our youth have to be told the truth and it is wrong to give our youth a wrong sense of history. It is wrong to tell our youth false facts when most Whites and the National Park Service to this day is slow to respect Rosemary Cambra who is the Chair Person of the Muwekma Ohlone.

Let me state very clearly for all to hear loud and clear - only the Muwekma Ohlone have Patrimonial Jurisdiction over Crissy Field and the Presidio of San Francisco. The Muwekma Ohlone have had great patience dealing with Brian O'Neill the Superintendent of the National Park Service. Brian has a way of dealing with issues in a cockeyed manner - often talking from both sides of his mouth.

All of Crissy Field is Sacred Burial Ground. It is not right that Whites use it for their dog to excrete and for others to pollute the land. Imagine hundreds of dogs at the Presidio Cemetery taking a pee on the tombstones? Others defecating and doing stuff that is not right.

The National Park Service recovered artifacts and human remains from Crissy Field belong to the Ohlone while digging the Shellmound closer to the Marina Gate. These artifacts and remains were stored in a garage that caught on fire. The NPS is slow to speak about this fact but I have the real evidence. I worked for the United States Park Police and have discussed the Incident Report with the then Fire Chief of the National Park Service who worked at the Presidio of San Francisco.

It is a shame that some Whites will speak in forked tongues and pollute the minds of our youth with garbage. Crissy Field never had garbage when the Ohlone roamed freely. The word midden or garbage is a concoction of Whites who always suffer from inferiority complex when they write or teach about Native People.

Today Crissy Field has a Cesspool that will attract the West Nile Virus. I predicted this a year ago. It is just a matter of time before we find dead birds and then one thing will lead to another. Dog feces and other rubbish always makes its way to the Cesspool on Crissy Field. On any given day one can find more dogs then human beings on Crissy Field. On any given day you will see too many Whites but few people of color.

The Crissy Field outreach done by some volunteers and some National Park Service Rangers lacks true history. They think everything is rosy and is linked to Whites as far as history is concerned. The youth should be told that the Whites were not welcomed by the Ohlone. Even today the Muwekma Ohlone have clearly stated to the National Park Service and to the Department of Interior that they are unjust and evil in their deliberation of matters of jurisdiction and Federal Recognition.

Teach your youth the truth or else they will become monsters and spread their evil even as the NPS has from its inception in 1916.

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