Today, March 30, 2004 all those attending the two meetings linked with the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) were shocked at the SFCTA audit - as presented to the SFCTA Commissioners who are also the members of the SF Board of Supervisors (BOS).

Conspicuously, missing Sophie Maxwell who had excused herself and could not hear the details of how the SFCTA proposes allocate money to the bigger project like the MUNI 3rd Lightrail, Doyle Drive, and other smaller projects.

Earlier the City's Chief Auditor reviewed the SFCTA fiscal report and found it wanting in many areas. Millions of dollars excluded in the fiscal report and no one in their right mind knowing exactly how Vargas and Company the Certified Public Accountants could manage to pull a fast one in broad daylight. They are hired by the SFCTA and have been for years. Fiona Ma a CPA herself was beside herself. I do not think Bevan Dufty was tickled blue. Aaron Peskin tried to say something but it turned out to be diatribe. Tom Ammiano was at a lost - he always backs his friend Moscovich.

Normally, Jose Luis Moscovich is known for his bold stance and attitude menacing no words to defend the agency of which he is the Director - SFCTA. Today, he whimpered and missing from the equation Maria Lombardo. The Board of Supervisors are to be blamed as Commissioners they do not pay attention and when millions are left out and the SFCTA fiscal report in disarray - the Commissioners should be held fully responsible.

I often see the SFCTA Commissioners agreeing to most anything that is placed before them. Many a time sanctioning millions without understanding the fundamentals. I know for a fact that millions of dollars have been wasted on the MUNI 3rd Street Lightrail.

I know for a fact that the Metropolitan Transport Commission is NOT fully cognizant of the discrepancies linked to the SFCTA and the SFCTA Commissioners. I know that the State and Federal Agencies are kept in the dark and now is the time to bring the real issues to light.

Sophie Maxwell the District 10 Supervisor can see but cannot understand. She has no clue what is happening under her nose. Today, most everyone was looking for her but she was absent.

On the table the SFCTA Commissioners who are also the BOS agreed to allocate the $ 200 million that the SFCTA begged for. Since so much had been revealed in mishaps linked to the SFCTA accounting - the BOS unwillingly let go a $50 million allocation and a similar amount when the SFCTA gets their act together in the near future.

There is no doubt that we have no vision and no leader to bring plus points to the Bayview Hunters Point. The over $600 million MUNI 3rd Street Lightrail Project should have brought good tidings to the Bayview Hunters Point community. It has brought misery. Hundreds of businesses have folded, thousands more exposed to toxic dust storm.

The project has damaged clean water pipes. It has caused the sewer pipes to break and in many places flooded businesses and homes with raw sewage. People are forced to live with block after block dug up with all sorts of hurdles to deal with. The City leaders and most importantly Sophie Maxwell could not care less - she is inept, ignorant, and very arrogant.

The Mayor and Jessie Blout from the Mayor's Office of Economic Development are poised to site 3 Combustible Turbines (CT) at the Mirant Power Plant. Right now the Mirant Power Plant has declared bankruptcy.

There are thousands of people that Mirant owes money. The old toxic spewing Mirant Power Plant sits on property that will NOT belong to SF Public Utilities Commission. It will NOT belong to the City and County of San Francisco. So, it is foolish to even think of putting 3 CTs on a site, which will never allow the City or SF PUC to come near it. The same with Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E).

Rather then putting the 3CTs, which use fossil fuel, it would be prudent to upgrade our Transmission Lines both inside and outside the City and County of San Francisco. Time for the City of San Francisco to appraise the distribution system and find out if the City can afford to play ball.

The 3CTs according to the SF PUC will use sewage water treated a little by the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant, which mostly treats the real sewage badly - so expect the CTs to be polluted and the worst pathogens to pollute the atmosphere in and around the CTs. If the City agrees to this scheme they will be opening themselves to litigation.

In addition the sludge that remains will be pumped into the Bay to cause further pollution of the environment and the Bay which has suffered so much all these many years.

I call upon the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Toxic and Substances Control, the Regional Water Board, all the State and Federal Agencies to monitor the evil designs of the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and the SF Public Utilities Commission. Two people in particular Patricia Martel and Jessie Blout.

It is wrong for some Community Based Organizations who are sell outs to favor the placement of the 3 CTs which will adversely impact the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point.

It is a shame in this day and age we do not have leaders with a vision and good leadership. Our youth should be protected but these leaders are jeopardizing the lives of our infants, elders, and youth.

As it is we have a very high incidence of asthma and other respiratory diseases. Cervical and Breast Cancer is on the increase. The millions of vehicles plying on 3rd Street with polluting diesel fumes is on the increase.

The City of San Francisco has a Health Department that is not doing its job. The Health Director is always running away from issues that are linked with the poor. He is always there when the media focus on issues such as the Abortion Issue so that he can be in the limelight.

It is time that we all say NO to the placement of the 3 CTS.

We do not want any toxic pathogens in the atmosphere from treated sewage water.

The City and County of San Francisco bears full responsibility and liability.

It is only right that we say NO to the proposed placement of the evil 3CTs in any neighborhood.

Wake up San Francisco and let not SF PUC and the Mayor's Office take advantage of the constituents of San Francisco.

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