It is important for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to fully understand that the All White Whip anything goes attitude and discriminatory pervasive mentality around all projects and operations Hetch Hetchy must stop at once. You are put on notice.

One has just to look at the employee statistics and one sees no people of color and of importance making management decisions at Hetch Hetchy.

The SF Public Utilities Commission tried to pull a fast one by trying to come to the Southeast Facility at one the Commission meetings and try to convince us informed constituents that the SF Public Utilities Commission and the Hetch Hetchy side of it wants to fix our street lights. I think the lights at Hetch Hetchy have not been working for years - most of them brain dead, inept and discriminatory.

Whites working for Hetch Hetchy should remember and never forget that all they see at Hetch Hetchy was stolen from the Miwoks. They must not forget that. The Miwoks are the First People.

The greedy Whites ruined the beautiful valley when they stole it and then flooded it. For years they have not respected the local Native American Tribes and these issues are paramount.

At the last SF Public Commission Meeting held August 24, 2004 in Room 400 at City Hall - one Hetch Hetchy manager was trying to convince the Commissioners present that he wanted money to prevent fires and to halt boulders from harming the house built on stolen land.

Hetch Hetchy white employees better find housing outside the Hetch Hetchy jurisdiction. Let them all be given an orientation how the land was stolen and how Hetch Hetch was created. Let them be reminded how every single day these White vermin perpetuate hatred of their fellow Native Americans, Black, and people of color.

The earn money off the back of people they stole the land from.

The recent fire is a wake up call that they will perish if they do not change their ways. The SF Public Utility Commissioners and the recently appointed Susan Leal have some idea but really no idea of what the hell in going on at Hetch Hetchy and its failed operations for years.

San Francisco Pubic Utilities Commission should revisit the Raker Act. Study the mandates and the interim changes and see who was behind the changes. In recent times review the position taken by Senator Dianne Feinstein and her role giving Pacific Gas and Electric power to control electricity from Hetchy Hetchy.

Public Housing once got free electricity this got changed in 1998. Pacific Gas and Electric collect millions of dollars and the SFPUC has a hand in this dubious matter. If a class action is filed the SFPUC can be ruined. Your Capitol Improvement Project will go down the drain. Who authorized PG$E with SFPUC blessing to install meters and collect money in 1998? Who is this SFPUC person?

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission sits like dumb asses and think the constituents are stupid. We are fully aware of those who are on the take. We are fully aware of the role of Jim Jefferson and the Willie L. Brown cronies. Many are still there and some are embedded in the very bowels of corruption flourishing at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission right now.

Even as the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission favors Whip Cream at Hetch Hetchy its policy all over is despicable. Commissioner Dennis Normandy may articulate well but if you follow his diatribe at times - it is way off left field. Once there was a Commissioner Cook and Espanola Jack and I saw that this imbecile of a man - had to go.

We still have the hang noose mentality that is very alive within the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Some Negroes are sellouts. They do not live in San Francisco but they make their money at SF Public Utilities Commission and do not really care for the constituents of San Francisco. I could name them but it really does not make a difference.

May of them were placed at SF Public Utilities Commission by the worst and most corrupt Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. For those who do not know this man was a Negro and did his sisters and brothers in. He still hangs around town trying to make waves but the decent do not pay attention to this filthy skunk.

Commissioner Ann Moller Caen who is White asked a very pertinent question about Hunters Point Powerplant.

She asked, according to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) recent meeting and decision on Jefferson-Martin Transmission line - if it were decided that Hunters Point Powerplant would be shut down? The short answer is NO.

An inept and stupid SFPUC employee who is taking an extended leave answered the question in the affirmative and lied. She also stated that she had to leave early because the Board of Supervisors was having a meeting that was a lie.

The Jefferson-Martin Transmission Line has a long way to go. We were fortunate that Commissioner Lorreta Lynch of the CPUC did some sound research and modified the route. We were also fortunate that the stubborn Commissioner Peevey of the CPUC chose to back off and agree with the Lynch plan.

All this is good but the over $200 million project has ways to go and there are major law suits planned - the 280 Group, some environmentalists, some private owners, parties that feel Electro Magnetic Field issues will adversely impact their lives and so on.

Here is San Francisco SF PUC has done a miserable job with our Energy Plan. Right now we sell a lot of energy to Tulare and neighboring counties. SF PUC should embark on a project to bury the transmission line and choose a more suitable route on SFPUC jurisdiction.

First, this would not make the Hetch Hetchy area look less deplorable with the hanging wires and old electric poles. They could do this by raising the fees of the electric power they sell. People are getting it a premium product for less and think they own it. The paradox is most of these folks live well and stole the land from the First People. Look at all of Tulare and the neighboring counties? Then turn around and see how the First People who once owned the land live?

Hetch Hetchy water is precious and the SF Public Utilities Commission has no idea that they are making a mockery of some very precious commodity.

Today millions of gallons of precious water is used to flush our toilets. The Commissioners should be fired and replaced just for this one issue. It is time that we stop building homes and units in San Francisco and allow fools to flush their toilets with precious clean water.

A policy should be put in place that all-new housing use gray water. Also that all-new housing have Solar Panels or use Clean Energy Sources to light and power the homes and units.

The workforce at Hetch Hetchy in San Francisco should reflect the population of San Francisco. Too many Whites making too much money and screwing around. In simple language not doing their jobs every single day.

At the Hetch Hetchy plant many racists should be fired. They have been there for years and see that the Whip Cream Mentality is fostered.

This must stop at once. We have the best Asian engineers who can do the work and do a better job for the money that is now been spent on White fools.

The SF Commissioners take note of that. That includes Commissioners Adam Werback and Robert Costello. Commissioner Ryan Brooks tries to speak in generalities and imitates the Uncle Toms of history that have left poor imprints and taken Civil Rights and the good it brought in the opposite direction.

In the Southeast Sector we do not want any Combustible Turbines that use fossil fuel. The use of fossil fuel is a no no in the year 2004!

We would like a detail Environmental Impact Study on the release of mercury, lead, PCBs, other toxic pathogens in the air, water, and land in and around a 5 mile radius surrounding the proposed three Combustible Turbine Engines or Peakers.

Let Edward Smeloff be present and talk sense to the SF Public Utility Commissioners. We the constituents do not want some woman who is inept and stupid making general statements at a Public Meeting speaking on an important topic by telling lies. I repeat the woman lied and left. The Conditional Resolution linked to the 3 Peakers should be flushed down the commode.

Let the SF Public Utilities Commission Meetings be televised so that we at home can be spared the agony of coming to City Hall and listening to diatribe. Once televised better sense will prevail and better judgments made.

Susan Leal has no engineering expertise, was anointed by Mayor Gavin Newsom and has a long way to go before she will understand sound EIR and the Capitol Improvement Projects. She may learn but it will take ages. She has a history of pandering and has done it before. Her dubious contract says it all. No responsible City or Private Industry would tolerate her hiring.

Harlan Kelly can fulfill a role if he works hard and maintains Standards. I know the SFPUC has many racists and crooks that are inept. I can see through all the fluff and I see it at every SFPUC meeting I attend. How many of them live in the City? How many of them make over $100,000? How many of them care for the constituents of San Francisco?

The young Asian man who tried to tell us that his department was getting a good hold on the sewer system was throwing some arrows into the air. We have a night population of 740,000 plus and a day population of a million plus. Our sewer system some 600 miles plus is not engineered to deal with large amount of traffic. Some of the pipes are forced to handle 200% of the load round the clock.

Our sewer pipes within some areas were not laid to handle the heavy rain run off which we experience from time to time.

No one has told us in simple English how many miles of our San Francisco sewer pipes are made of wood? How many laid in brick? How many in mild steel? How many pipes are leading and polluting the earth and the water shed? How is the maintenance done? Has there been a through inspection-using sewer TV and other modern methods? Can this be posted on the Internet?

In the last 10 years how much money linked to the SFPUC were put into the General Funds. How much of it was spent on other things other then SFPUC projects? Who is responsible for this?

In the last 5 years what have the SFPUC done to remedy the situation? To date how many miles of sewer have be replaced? How many miles repaired? How many miles maintained yearly?

We do not have these answers because no one is doing any work seriously. There has been a lot of BS - they talk the talk but they do not walk the walk. If an employee or Commissioner with intent defrauds the constituents there should be a law to send them to jail. All the SFPU Commissioners would qualify if I made the case.

I have been monitoring the SFPUC and its operation for too long and you all get a - F. I repeat an F.

I would not mind addressing the SFPUC on the infrastructure if you put me on your agenda and give me 15 minutes. I cannot do justice in the measly 3 minutes that I get each time I come to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Meetings. I really cannot do justice.

We have much to do and can attain it with sound responsibility. Let us tell the truth and serve the people of San Francisco. Stop the Whip Cream Mentality that has no place in todayıs contemporary world.

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