San Francisco prides itself as being a compassionate City and one that upholds fair and just practices not so the San Francisco Election Department with John Arntz at the helm of affairs. The SF Election Commissioners fail to value justice and fair practices and has backed corrupt practices such as purging of voter registration without any justification. Thousands were deprived of their fundamental rights.

Recently the recall of the worst Supervisor ever to hold office Sophie Maxwell put the SF Election Department to the litmus test. Over 9000 recall signatures were handed over to the SF Election Department. In reality only 4200 were needed but the SF Election Department was not prepared to permit the constituents of District 10 to adjudicate the issue at hand by proving that they had more then the required 4200 recall signatures to put the matter on the Nov 2, 2004 ballot and seek fresh elections in District 10.

SF Election Department first came up with faulty processes and then resorted to purging perfectly correct and bonafide constituents who have registered correctly and have been residents of District 10 for years. Time and time again we visited homes and checked and verified and time and time again we were shocked that the San Francisco Election Department purged thousands of voters in District 10.

To date the SF Election Department does not have clear Standard Operating Procedures that any lay person can follow to pursue the recall of any Elected Official who is corrupt and inept as is Sophie Maxwell who has done her constituents injustice and is on the take.

Constituents from District 10 conducted their own investigation and checked the current voter rolls at the SF Election Department. Time and time again it came as a shock that many perfectly registered voters all residents of District 10 were PURGED from the rolls. The SF Election Commissioners do not fully comprehend the meaning of a recall. The constituents resorted to a "recall" only as a last resort. A recall means that everything else has failed and the constituents have a single recourse - take the matter before the constituents for fresh elections. This happened when the former Governor of California tried to brush the constituents of California and failed the constituents - time and time again. An election was held and like it or not a new Governor was chosen by the constituents of California.

It is time that the Federal Government and the Federal Bureau of Investigation step in and investigate the San Francisco Election Department. There was also the case of Terry Baum a write- in Congressional candidate. Hundreds of perfectly signed ballots mostly write-ins were invalidated. The matter went before the Higher Courts and the San Francisco Election Department was put on notice. In this case undue pressure was used because the person involved was Nancy Pelosi the Minority Whip in the House who commands no respect among the educated constituents of San Francisco.

The San Francisco Election Department has fostered corruption before but no entity has taken this fungi department to court and the time is ripe to do just that. The current " ranked-choice-voting" may seem right and may be so with the right education and information linked to the new system. The San Francisco Election Department is just advertising because it presupposed it would get the over 3000 paid volunteers to do the job. The volunteers have been slow coming forward because the San Francisco Election Department inherent with their pompous attitude did not want to do the focus and proper outreach earlier.

Time will tell if " ranked-choice-voting " is here to stay. More importantly we hope that a disproportionate numbers of perfectly registered voters have not been purged. Many think here is San Francisco things are fine with our constituents and the ability to vote. In reality this is not so and may come as a shock to the world.

The San Francisco Chronicle and the Examiner do not have the guts to tackle and do investigative reporting on this fundamental right that has been denied to those constituents who have been treated as second class.

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