Tsunami and Humility.


More people all over the world know about the word "Tsunami" today then a few days ago. The India plate and the Burma plate slipped beneath one another - moving the whole of Indonesia a 100 feet and even affecting the orbit of the Earth. Some have compared the force of this one of a kind Tsunami to over 1 million atomic bombs. The bottom line is this Natural Disaster affected areas 2000 miles away.

Indonesia was the epicenter - Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Somalia, Kenya and in between the islands of Nicobar and Maldives and the Seychelles Islands and many more.

Over 35,000 are dead and even today more bodies are been recovered. Many other bodies were washed to sea and in many remote parts no real help has reached and so no one really knows what is happening.

Even with the most sensitive monitoring there is absolutely no way to inform millions of people spread over several countries - thousands of miles away about such a Natural Disaster of such a very large magnitude.

In 2004 with all our communication and bragging rights we still cannot reach many of the remotes areas. This is because of the disparity that still exists between the filthy rich countries and those that are poor.

When this tragedy happened the United States was the slowest to respond leading many to call the United States - "stingy" in its response. Of course the European Nations were the first to respond Germany, France, Sweden, Great Britain, Holland. Japan and India and many others helped the United Nations that were very quick to send teams to access the damage and within 2 weeks various relief plans will be in place. The United States is busy with Iraq and the world knows how it will react in future.

Secretary of State Collin Powell is trying to save face but the fact of the matter is the United States - was lethargic and failed to be a good friend. Drinking water and decomposing bodies will adversely impact all the affected areas. Hopefully the leading countries who rushed to the aid will send drinking water and the essential medical and logistical teams to bring some semblance to the islands and tourist spots - well known all over the world as vacation spots. Doctors and medical experts will do much good and are much needed.

It is at times like this that we fully realize our screwed up the United States policy is. The United Nations by the very fact that it is placed in a position to address world tragedies - mostly always in the past turns to the United States for help. In recent years the United States has looked the way - especially with George W. Bush Jr. policy of being adamant and focused on the war in Iraq where billions of dollars are wasted. More over 1300 of our service men and women have lost their lives. Thousands more lingering in hospitals and still more incapacitated for life.

A Tsunami is a natural disaster but it is message to all of humanity - reminding us that however proud and powerful we human think we are - we are at the mercy of Mother Earth. In the weeks to come the death toll may rise to over 40,000 and there will be stories of how people survived for days before any rescue reached them. There will be stories of courage and there will be stories of hope and spirituality.

Thailand and Sri Lanka are two nations where the Buddha is revered. I have many good friends from these two nations. I also have friends in the Seychelles, Maldives, Nicorbar, Tamil Nadu in India, Kenya and Somalia. This natural tragedy the largest in recent human history - is a message for us all to be on guard. To the proud so-called Super Powers - it is a call to change their priorities.

As intelligent human beings - humans should be helping one another. Super powers are busy killing one another. When such a tragedy strikes we really find out - what life is all about and why stinking politics makes us so stingy.

Here is California - on the West Coast - a Tsunami has struck us before. Earthquakes remind us of how fragile our Earth is - more so now with global warming, cutting of the forests all over the water, pollution of the water, land, and air. Large masses of ice are moving towards the warmer waters, the water mass is rising - there are signs all over the Earth - and yet we the United States and Great Britain our side kick are poised to kill - the sons and daughters of our Father Abraham in Iraq.

The Bible says it all but the fools cannot read between the lines - it is wrong to drop 5000 pound bombs kill innocent people and not expect retribution.

Tourist from all over the world caught in the Tsunami lost their belongings and their passports. Suddenly all of them realized they were stripped of their identity and part of the calamity. The humanity around them demanded that they all work together to survive. It is only when such tragedy strikes - in the midst of great suffering, tragedy, misery, fear - humans are brought to their knees and remember the simple lessons of life.

I have participated in several earthquake rescue expeditions and have learned a lot from each one of them. The first lesson one learns is that any human being plays second fiddle to Mother Earth. There is a possibility of whole continents sinking and whole civilizations wiped out from the face of the Earth. It has happened before and nothing can stop anything of that nature happening again.

If a very large meteor falls on our Earth - as they have fallen before - there is nothing we can do. A very large meteor can change the temperature of the Earth and even affect the rotation of our Earth. With all our intelligence and our technology we are at the mercy of Mother Earth. Anyone who thinks otherwise is very foolish.

It will take billions of dollars to build and help those affected in Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Nicobar and Maldives Island, Malaysia, Thailand, and the other areas. Tsunami is about nature and high waves which are unnatural - they are not the norm - but when they strike they send one clear message - each and every time - human beings that we are - we are so very fragile. With all our bragging rights - we cow down before any Tsunami and resign to fate. Our prayers go to the many who have died and those who are suffering. Americans, as a people will send help even though our Government was very slow and stingy.

All over the world good people are praying and on that level - humanity has found some semblance.

Our sincere heart felt condolences to the many families that have lost their dear ones. It is at times like this that we really learn to respect Mother Earth - much as the indigenous people have for years - some where along the line - so called superpowers have taken upon themselves a stance - to defy respecting Mother Earth and in doing so - humanity. Tsunami.

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