August 20, 2005 the Nation stood still and watched President George Walker Bush sworn in as President of the United States of America. The theme for this inauguration was HOPE.

We are at war with Iraq after invading that country. We went looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction - we found none. The Nation was assured that this invasion of Iraq threatened our Security at Home. Today we all know of the many lies that were told and that the reasons given for the invasion were not true.

We cannot have HOPE if we do not tell the TRUTH.

No Nation can embrace HOPE and PEACE by fostering war and killing. This Nation cannot talk the talk and walk the walk - when so many of our service women and men die - many in vain without the right armor and protection.

Our Nation still has many pockets of Racism after all these years. We cannot be a true Democratic Nation unless every vote counts and the Electoral System is abolished. The rule of law must govern our Nation and likewise all our actions all over the world.

Our President George W. Bush talks the talk but does not walk the walk. Again and again this President has been slow to embrace HOPE. Today this President is not liked in most true Democratic Nations.

The American People are different and HOPE has always encouraged our Nation to seek Peace. Time and time again the Nation's conscience has stood the test of time - justice, freedom and human liberty has been in place in large measure through the conscience of the Nation - ordinary and good every day Americans.

Long before the White Person set foot on this land we call America - Democracy reigned for thousands of years. The Six Nations bear testimony to this fact. Our Founding Fathers communicated with the Six Nations and incorporated some elements of Democratic governance from the First People of this land - Iroquois Nation.

Hope does not come without peace, compassion and wisdom. Hope, peace, compassion and wisdom cannot reign in a climate and environment of blatant racism that prevails in many august chambers where policies and decision are made that adversely affect millions.

We American cannot really say we are a free Nation when so many that gave us everything - the First People live on deplorable Reservations.

We cannot really say we are a free Nation when a disproportionate number of African Americans linger in the many jails all over this Great Nation.

We cannot say we are a free Nation when our Seniors, Youth, and those that need help most - suffer because of Nation prefers to waste billions fighting an unjust war.

We cannot say we are a free Nation by spewing lies and not keeping our promises - the tongue has no bone and it is easy to wag that tongue especially when one tells lies.

Faith brings us HOPE and PEACE but true religion has no room for killing and telling lies.

Liberty for some is a cliché that is easily said then kept and much more difficult to practice in daily life. Our country must abandon all racism and this is true Mr. Bush? This White House has not set the tone with genuine actions more with ulterior motives - dubious in nature.

We cannot HOPE in some one who has lied and led us astray. This Nation can only bring change when lies, killing, and bluffs are cast aside. The conscience of this Great Nation cannot rest in freedom that has its source in evil.

We cannot Hope unless we have Peace.

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