I happen to know Dwayne Jones the Director of the Mayor's Office of Community Development (MOCD. I also happen to know Jesse Blout the Director of Economic and Workforce Development. I cannot get pass knowing these two men because when it comes to Accountability and Transparency - both men get stumped as we call it - in a game called Cricket.

It is a shame when ordinary laymen have to go out of their way to save our youth - by not only giving them jobs but also paying for their Union dues. I feel all the more hurt because I fought to get money set aside by San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) - over $2.3 million dollars.

Then out of the blue came Sophie Maxwell and her sidekick Greg Assay to form the most corrupt and inefficient group called CitiBuilt - and the rest in history. CitiBuilt is dysfunctional. Money that would have helped our youth is being wasted.

We had a plan how to best use the money for youth training. Our plan was taken and given to Laura Luster a corrupt consultant who lives outside San Francisco - but come into the City to leach upon our constituents. She happens to be a good friend of Sophie Maxwell. Imagine $50,000 was paid to her for writing a " White Paper " which is not going anywhere.

Jesse Blout can talk the talk but fails to walk the walk. Jesse Blout created a position for Workforce Development - the person is no more there to address an issue - the person hired left after a few weeks. Why? We the Community Based Organizations that do not take any money from the City and County of San Francisco want to know? Can we get a report on WorkForce? Is there a plan that Jesse Blout can give me? Mayor Gavin Newsom is not informed about such issues. We cannot afford to shun our youth and we cannot afford to let our youth suffer. Some of us work hard and we defend the Mayor as adults. It is not good to put down anyone in front of the youth - however; the time has come to tell the truth. We cannot waste money hiring stupid folks and yet fail the youth.

The fact of the matter is that this year more money is spent and more inept people hired by both the offices that come under the Mayor's office. I would like the inner circle surrounding the Mayor to take note. The inner circle that gives the Mayor advice has forgotten to take note of these two offices that are dysfunctional.

We appreciate the fact that Jesse Blout can shine before the Television Cameras and speak for more Biotech firms. We hope he could go before the Television Cameras and reveal what is being done for the youth. The same holds good for Dwayne Jones. And remember both these gentlemen know me pretty well.

The corruption in the Southeast still continues - it is even worse today. Mostly African American sellouts continue to hoodwink the constituents and pocket vast sums of money. Our City has a growing deficit and many of these crooks - think they are still working for Willie L. Brown as his personal assistants.

It is a shame that such a corrupt system still continues to function - unchecked. Right now the will of the people is being tested. We the mostly straight folk - can take so much from the queer unchecked violations - just because some of them in high places think - they are beyond law and order.

In 3 months time you will see a revolt. You will see folks tumble from high places - and you will all remember - who said it first. Both the Mayor's Office of Community Development and the Mayor's Office of Economic and WorkForce - need much to be desired. It is time they work for the constituents and work with some recognized - ethics. San Franciscans have been very patient - but as I said - patience is running out. Enough is enough. We have seen it all - Project Connect, Project Finite, and Project Complete - the common denominator has been a Disconnect with the Community!

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