Jim reads his final statement.


When integrity is a premium and character not recognized as a virtue when Commissioners tow the line and sell their souls - one couldn't expect any fair adjudication in this great City we call San Francisco.

Once again April 18, 2005 at 9 a.m. in Room 400 at City Hall many came to stand tall and tell the truth. Express their feelings and use their democratic rights - to convince the Building Inspection Commissioners - to act in a fair manner and give Jim Hutchinson the now Acting Director - his earned chance to continue working and doing what he does best for the City and County of San Francisco.

The President of the Building Commissioners Hirsh set the wrong tone by chiding those present and telling them how to behave. At the last meeting President Hirsh was confused and confounded - he forget what to say and changed his mind - he was that reed in the wind - moving in every each direction. At one time he wanted to give the Public just one minute for Public Comment - a fact that is becoming fashionable among those in City Hall - who cannot take fair criticism.

The City sent e-mails through City Computers rallying some feminists to the Meeting. Most of them were ignorant and were there for all the wrong reasons. Those of us that fought for women rights know what is right because first we educated ourselves on the issues. These women were taking orders from some buffoons in City Hall for all the wrong reason. Some of them spoke and their statements made no logic and the statements were far removed from the real issue at hand.

San Franciscans always want to have their say - but let us be forthright and also say - San Franciscans always strive to be fair. This was not a Chinese thing or an Irish thing - the issue at hand was qualification, fairness, and clear adjudication - on all three counts the four that voted against Jim Hutchinson were WRONG - the three that voted for him - did what was RIGHT. Mayor Gavin Newsom and the City Attorney had their letters read - none of them were present at the last meeting. Their statements made no sense in the context and San Franciscans will not take nonsense sitting down. Behind close doors even as I write the Mayor and others make rotten deals. Corruption is galore and the Mayor, the City Attorney cannot hide behind the fake screen of hate, evil, and wrong actions with intent to hurt. The Jim Hutchinson case is one in point.

Jim Hutchinson has worked for over 20 years with distinction. Some years ago he underwent an operation to remove a failed kidney. How could anyone in their right mind - do such an EVIL deed - shaft the poor man when all he did was good. We have jerks in City Hall with no conscience - they only care about their own and one of the issues that brings the perverts together - are life style issues and abuse of power.

Jim Hutchinson took the lead with others to take on the culprits that did not care for Public Housing and issues like asbestos, fungi, elevated levels of lead and so on and made AMCO the entity in charge - to abate and mitigate the issues. It took years - one battle at a time and Jim and his team won. The City got millions. Now, for all the wrong reasons - the City has shafted Jim Hutchinson. The reason is simple - perverts cannot and will not be able to reason. In the military we know this and that is why it has taken so long to accept perverts in any organization that cannot stand for moral standards and other standards that civilization considers a norm.

Some jerks feel hurt when I call them perverts - let them read the definition in any standard dictionary: " to lead astray morally" - "to turn away from the right course" - that is what I mean when I use the word - "pervert". One Supervisor who has the habit of chasing his own tail took the liberty to read a paragraph from my web site - I hope he reads this paragraph and I hope he learn what a real "pervert" is.

Some may think they have sent Jim Hutchinson away - let me tell you he will have more supporters and good will then he ever had before. Good people do not fail - the evil doers do. The TRUTH always prevails - it may take some years - but the GOOD always prevail over the PERVERTS. Most people do not have the balls or the guts to say so - I do. The Building Inspection Department works and no drastic changes should be made to that department. It is a shame that politics was brought to its door to ruin the Department. I wish some realistic changes could be made to the Planning Department that is a CESSPOOL.

Our Mayor Gavin Newsom has failed us and those that advised him on this one - should remember the evil did for a long time. Each of us has a conscience and in this case injustice was done to a good man. There is NOT one single instance that Jim Hutchinson has done wrong. He is better qualified then anyone for the job as Acting Director. In Court he will win - and I hope the City and County has to pay a large fine.

We have jerks in City Hall that do not understand any due process. They have failed with Project Connect and the Homeless. Failed with a poor choice at San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Failed when it comes to the Parks and Recreation. Our youth are suffering and crime is on the increase. Failed at the Planning Department. Over a year has passed when Mayor Gavin Newsom with the help of Absentee Ballots and thugs from SLUG won his election.

Numerous times Mayor Gavin Newsom has promised change but continue to adversely impact the constituents of San Francisco. One should just listen to the pleas of the poor and the homeless. Listen to those at Laguna Honda. Listen to those that find it hard to bring bread and butter to the table. Listen to our youth and the tribulation they have to go through every single day.

The Mayor Gavin Newsom thinks sound bytes and SPIN will win him the seat of Senator and then on to becoming the next President of this Nation. Well, I have news for any buffoon that is free to dream but it is not right to aim for such positions - when right now for all the wrong reasons - millions are adversely impacted by immoral actions. On every major issue impacting Quality of Life Issues - Mayor Gavin has failed. You Turks surrounding Mayor Gavin Newsom - take note of that.

Supporters and others at Jim's Hearing.

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