Private Industry Council (PIC) has played a dubious role in wasting millions of dollars pretending to train people and work with youth. I have kept in touch with PIC since 1991 and have evaluated their work.

It is amazing how folks like Laura Luster and Dwayne Jones both past Board members of Private Industry Council (PIC) continue to waste millions of dollars today. Another factor that should be noted is that both these individuals do not live in San Francisco. Any fair investigation will reveal layers of corruption - Young Community Developers and Lennar BVHP LLC. Not the present YCD staff since Dwayne Jones left a year ago under funny circumstances - Project Complete.

Again and again if one reviews the strategies used by Laura Luster and Dwayne Jones you will see a connection with dubious organizations that have no Transparency and Accountability. Standing out is Lennar BVHP LLC that has numerous major court cases pending against this company for all sorts of infringements. Yet again and again City, State, and Federal money is being appropriated so that Laura Luster and her cronies at Lennar BVHP LLC can conduct training. Dwayne Jones can trick Youth Opportunity San Francisco and YOUTH into situations that adversely impact our present and future leaders.

In the past 10 months - going back April, 2005 nothing much has come to the fore in terms of constructive and progressive results as far as CityBuilt and Laura Luster. Laura Luster has already received over $50,000 for writing a so called " White Paper " - linked to training that is going no where. This plan was linked to CitiBuilt that has done our YOUTH great injustice. There is no break down of how much money is being spent - how much the trainers paid - and how is the money appropriated in a fair and just manner all over the City and County of San Francisco. There are two people behind the scenes Laura Luster and Dwayne Jones. The picture just gets better as the clock keeps ticking. Instead of tick, tick, tick you hear crook, crook, crook So far Visitation Valley Job Employment and Training (VVJET) has been given some funding - the results of this dubious one-sided training have NOT produced results. I have attended some meetings as a representative of SouthEast Sector Community Development Corporation a non-profit organization and All Islanders Gathering As One (AIGA1) focused on our youth and general community issues.

The meetings I have attended were not beneficial. Lots of talk and no action. At each meeting one sees new faces and the facilitators seem to be hiding some key agenda issues. Our City and County of San Francisco cannot do business as was done when Willie L. Brown was the Mayor.

We all know the corruption that sprouted from City Hall in Room 200. Today Dwayne Jones, Laura Luster, Nuru Mohammed, Jesse Blout, and others continue to do the same injustice to our youth. Most of these vermin do not live in San Francisco but come here to make their money. The Federal Bureau of Investigation should investigate these vermin.

For the last 10 months I have been gathering information, attending meetings, and reading documentation. Recently a letter dated April 27, 2005 was sent to Ms Waterhouse and signed by the Mayor. The contents of this letter linked to Youth Opportunity San Francisco aka (YO! SF) besides not being factual - adversely impacts our youth.

When Dwayne Jones was the Director of Young Community Developers (YCD) he got a lot of money for Youth Opportunity San Francisco to help youth. A fair investigation and evaluation of how the money was spent will reveal - misappropriation of thousands of dollars. Shame on Private Industry Council for condoning this behavior and also for not looking at the Conflict of Interest issues. Dwayne was on the Board of Directors for PIC the organization that doled out the money.

I have written articles before about PIC. Right now they have cut their staff in half and the money coming in to this very corrupt organization is not as much as it was before. PIC has wasted millions of State and Federal money - money that should have been spent for training and uplifting our youth. It is a shame that the old crooks with connect to PIC - now hold City Jobs and they continue to do the damage they have always been doing. This is a shame.

Juvenile Probation, Juvenile Justice Council, Department of Human Services, Mayor's Office of Community Development, Department of Public Health and Department of Children, Youth and Families and a host of other organizations have wasted PIC money. Documents are missing and no real audit can be done of PIC records and money doled out to crooks.

The money doled out was to help our youth - train our YOUTH in the Bayview Hunters Point, Mission, Visitation Valley, and for youth all over the City and County of San Francisco. Again some Black Thugs are behind a dubious plan to waste money. Thinking they can steal and waste the money by having a center at 5050 Evans Street by 3rd Street and the Post Office not far away from the Hunters Point Power Plant.

Unfortunately Sophie Maxwell and Greg Assay are also backing this plan. When these two vermin smell money they will be there like leeches. San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) with Jose at the helm of affairs is not fully aware of the misuse of money. I am going to ask the Department of Transportation and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission to look into the $2.3 million set aside for training, which has got nothing to do with PIC, but connected in many ways to the on going corruption.

Let the proposed one stop center envisaged to help our youth at 5050 Evans Street be located in the Mission District. Just like MUNI buses are used for Project Homeless Connect our YOUTH can be bused to the proposed Mission Center from the Hill and other places. I challenge our Mayor if he has balls to do the right thing. If have till September to put my plan in place - and I will reveal this dubious plan to the PRESS.

I bet you the crooks will NOT follow this plan. Why? They will not be able to steal money as they can do at the proposed 5050 Evans Street site. Wake up San Francisco why are we allowing Black Thugs to rob San Franciscans in broad daylight? Where is our City Controller? Where is our City Attorney? Call some one call the Police? Does the Federal Bureau of Investigation know about this? How about Ms. Sandra Waterhouse? Where is the General Account Office on this one? Nancy Pelosi your Black Thugs are messing with the hood and the people that need help most!

Our City has a population of about 745,000 according to one latest count. Children are declining in numbers but they are there. I fight for them and I inform the Youth Commission about certain issues. Has this important issue about changing plans for our YOUTH gone before the Youth Commission? Or is this one of those Projects YO YO YO YO YO YO! Give me a break - enough is enough.

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