SFUSD meeting at Everette Middle School.


It is only fair for those parents and supporters that love our youth that attend the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) public schools to participate in the deliberations from time to time. I do that from time to time and as the years go by - the dialog is becoming meaningless at the SFUSD Board meetings.

We all fully understand that the SFUSD comes under the jurisdiction of the State - but we also fully understand that each community that surrounds each of the SFUSD schools in our neighborhoods has received a lot of love and attention in the past and continues to receive it now. The reason is simple we all love our children and we will continue to support and encourage them in whatever way we can.

In recent years the anointing of a Superintendent like Arlene Ackerman has made a joke of the SFUSD. I have observed this woman and she is very ignorant but more very arrogant. She is always pitting the School Board against the policy has she makes behind close doors. Then pities the children against the School Board - sits on the sidelines and watches the fun. She thinks it is funny - but as we all know it is not. This woman must be FIRED before our schools go down the drain.

Most of the recent SFUSD meetings that start at 7 p.m. are long. Too many topics on the agenda and from the onset one can feel the tension. The Green Party holding to their stupid position. Others were aligning with the ignorant Superintendent Arlene Ackerman at her faulty policies. Some like Kelly thinks he knows it all. Then there are others all pompous in their thinking and ignorant in the statements they make. Perhaps the only sane person Norman Yee.

At the last SFUSD Board Meeting which was held at Everette Middle School in the Mission - there was utter confusion. The first three hours was taken up with a Resolution that was faulty. The SFUSD Board read a Resolution to take up a very serious issue - to close 3 Child Development Centers. The 3 centers discussed were the Treasure Island Child Development Center, the Presidio Child Development Center, and the Sutro Child Development Center. We are talking about 3 unique schools with unique situations - one was chosen to become a Dream School - all lumped into a faulty Resolution with vague language.

The issues were discussed at a previous meeting in a vague manner. The language of the Resolution was vague and not meaningfully discussed. The Resolution was NOT properly noticed and the Attorney present was WRONG is allowing the Resolution to be dialoged. I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing. These ignorant folks do not understand the basic Robert's Rules of conducting a meeting.

Now if the Assistant Superintendent cannot understand the process since Arlene Ackerman chose not to attend this important meeting. The SFUSD ancient Parliamentarian could not be heard and I wonder if she can keep up and understand the present state of affairs. The Board Members were talking at each other - instead of listening - the General Public was annoyed - and yet the meeting was going on in the midst of all this fiasco.

After all the nonsense - the SFUSD Board voted to keep Treasure Island and Presidio and axed Sutro Child Development Center. I thought this was not right. I still think it is not right. In the Court of Law for the meeting to be properly adjudicated it should be noticed correctly, clear and precise language incorporated in the Resolution, and fairness maintained in the final adjudication of the closer of any of the 3 Child Development Centers.

The meeting began at 7:15 p.m. with the elected students on the SFUSD chastising the Superintendent and the policy Arlene Ackerman initiates. Some one made a statement that the students were dumb and were too political. The young students for sure do not like what he going on. For sure I know of many parents that are disgusted with the busing of their children, the poor facilities at the many schools, stinking toilets for one, leaking roofs and very old and torn schoolbooks. Then you have the teachers many do not want to teach in schools where the Principals are not professional. Most important Safety has been compromised. The SFUSD Superintendent has given herself a raise over $250,000 she is not worth that and in my opinion should be paid less then $100,000 if ever. The woman is not logical and cannot hold an idea for more then a minute. She is a manipulator and the persons that brought this god-forsaken woman to San Francisco should be ashamed of themselves. This woman should be let go - and in future each Superintendent should sign a year to year contract - without perks and benefits.

There are several qualified folks that can run our schools in San Francisco and this woman Arlene Ackerman is NOT one that is qualified. In the short span that she has been here she has destroyed our schools, brought about disunity, and has lied before many organizations even the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

Today we have more crime in our schools. Youth have been killed. Most school toilets are filthy and the general state of the facilities very poor. The turnover of the principal management that is linked to operations is pathetic - no one remains at any job for more then 6 months. Arlene has now hired some cronies - they will make the money and flee. I see Arlene not attending Public Meetings - not even attending the SFUSD Board Meetings - defying the public - this woman should be fired.

Well at the last SFUSD Board Meeting which ended late at night - the Presidio Child Development Center and Treasure Island won - Sutro lost - but did it really?

Presidio, Treasure Island in - Sutro out!

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