There is no doubt in my mind with Supervisor Sophie Maxwell lending herself to anything Green and any legislation emitting from her stinking office nothing good will come from such legislation. Mostly because the legislation is faulty.

This woman Maxwell continues to defy logic while not understanding some fundamentals and a holistic approach towards anything Green. Much before the San Francisco Environment (SFE) which also goes by the name of Department of the Environment was formed - many others and I initiated many projects Green and accomplished them with great success.

Right now many business especially small businesses do not want to do any business in San Francisco. There are just a few that can profit a little from Green - in fact those educated on issues should be buying Green Products and many do. Energy Conservation and LEED building standards are appropriate where tax incentives are given to small businesses and others and as far as I know the Ordinance proposed has no clear language with time lines that address these pertinent issues.

It has been years now and millions of dollars have been spent and wasted by certain entities that were given grants by SFE linked to the $13.3 million that the State gave the City and County of San Francisco and SFE to do just what we now in 2006 deem so necessary to propagate a progressive agenda linked to GREENING.

A holistic approach should look at some of the many facts and I will point them out as best I can so that some buffoons may learn to look at GREEEN issues in a sustainable light shedding some IQ lacking in some that push for policy will little or no enforcement. SFE's ulterior motives creating Full Time Employment position and fiscal accruement to carry out some unwanted activities all in the name of GREENING begs the question and shed a bad light of this faulty legislation.

The last minute amendments with poor noticing are signs of ineptness. Greening has a purpose in mind only if one bears in mind that all of San Francisco was once pristine and as such totally Green. The Muwekma Ohlone can bear witness to what I have said so many times. History did not begin in 1776 and what we see today a Concrete Jungle was never the doing of the First People.

In San Francisco in the year 2006 we have SFE proposing Green and San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) working hard to place a Combustion Turbine (CT) to contribute to the particulates in the air and kill innocent people. SFE should not agree with this project. The Mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsom should not condone the killing of innocent people through the increase of killer particulates. Such logic defies Greening if you know what I mean.

We have over 900 miles of sewer pipes in this City most of them very old and leaching filthy sewer water and polluting Mother Earth and the Watershed. This behavior and lack of maintenance repair and replacement defies Greening. The pipes are over 70 years old full 90 percent of the pipes. Susan Leal keeps lying and denying.

Similarly, we have over 1900 miles of clean drink water pipes and they too are very old. Over 80 percent of these pipes need repairs, maintenance, and replace. Of course clean water leaches and when it mixes with toxic landfill and many other hazardous materials - the cesspool of sorts defies any imagination and environmentalist that discern. We have many that talk the talk but very few that can walk the walk. Perhaps some one like Joe Cassidy that is involved with huge demolition of buildings can verify and testify that what I state is the truth. Ask any Department of Public Works infrastructure expert.

City Hall is a prime example of the worst Green when it comes to wasting water. One flush at City Hall equals the flushing of several flushes low flush toilets that are forced upon may law abiding citizens all over San Francisco. It is such blatant and defiance by SFE and other hypocrites that will take this City down the drain and into the cesspool of ungreening. Mayor Gavin Newsom pay attention to what is happening around you and a constant reminder each time you visit the loo at City Hall. Pass an Ordinance and low flow the toilets at City Hall. Millions of dollars were given to San Francisco Environment to mitigate and conserve energy in the Bayview when the Mirant power plant was sold by Pacific Gas and Electric to Mirant. The over $13.3 million saw the SFE spending millions in the Financial District but not in the affected areas of Bayview Hunters Point. Sophie Maxwell ignorant as she is backed SFE and now comes with a faulty legislation to place a piece of shitty legislation that defies logic and what is more is NOT holistic. Bayview Hunters Point Advocates have always been on the take. Sophie Maxwell supports such scumbags yesterday as she does today. The SF Controller Office has much to say about this issue.

This little GREEN initiated is like looking after a small finger while the whole body festers from cancer the creation of greed and a fact that did not exist when the First People looked and saw everything Green, natural and very pristine. Show me a pristine creek, river, the Bay. Check the air, the toxins in the earth, the watershed, show me the healthy frogs and life, give me a status of the plant life, and I could go on - Greening today is a farce and let us call it that.

Whites hypocrites that they are will use a dumb, inept, ignorant, and very arrogant Black woman such as Sophie Maxwell to initiate a faulty Green Legislation affecting Small Business and others in general without any teeth. Amendments were handed out at the 11th hour with proper noticing and the whole process stinks to high heaven.

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