(8/3/06) Bayview constituents keep getting shafted by Mayor Gavin Newsom. He thinks he is smart but not smart enough to fool all the people all the time.

Right now Gavin Newsom the most Racist Mayor ever in contemporary San Francisco history is working hard to remove thousands of people from Public Housing and letting them freeze and die on the streets. Nothing could be meaner and crueler but those are the facts of life in and around Bayview Hunters Point linked to public housing residents.

While thousands are hungry Mayor Gavin Newsom and the other goof ball Sophie Maxwell are planning a run from Monster Park to AT&T Park where mostly the rich will participate while the poor see them run and wonder what the hell is happening to their neighborhood. What else could anyone expect from Sophie Maxwell who epitomizes the House Negro?

MUNI Light rail an over $650 million that gave the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point no opportunities to work but outsiders made thousands and a few thugs like the Allan Group and those that worked for them.

It was not fun watching some African American youth hold signs and get paid little for some time while others made good money for years on end on this MUNI light rail project that is 2 years over due and going no where.

Hundreds of guns are available on the streets and Teflon bullets that go with these killer guns. Mayor Gavin Newsom knows about it but does little about the situation at hand. Recently after months of reporting on this web site the local magazines are joining in the fray and exposing Mayor Gavin Newsom for what he is. There has NOT been a more faker Mayor in San Francisco and more shallow then Mayor Gavin Newsom. I know of NO gun factory in the Bayview Hunters Point? Recently out the blues the City is planting trees in our neighborhood. The least those that are behind these crooked ploys can do is employ and empower the local constituents to plant the trees.

You would not believe it but the fake authorities are importing others to dig holes and plant trees. It is wrong not to give opportunities to those unemployed to watch outsiders come into their back yard and plant trees. Of course you will not believe it Mayor Gavin Newsom is NOT fully aware of this fact or so he would make you believe it.

For those of you that have not heard the latest news - the killing and shooting of mostly young man is on the increase in the Bayview Hunters Point and the City and County of San Francisco really does not care. Some of us are watch the evil authorities and all the side show and the hosts of diversions. It is in the coming the advent of actions that hopefully will awaken those evil doers even those that think they are far away and hiding in the cellars of doom planning the worst of actions.

How many young people have to die before we do something about this drastic situation? Daily the Health and Safety of thousands is at stake. What is Mayor Gavin Newsom doing about it?

This City wants to think they are Green when they are not. Pollution is on the increase and worst culprits are City Agencies the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and the Municipal Transportation Agency. What has Mayor Gavin Newsom to say about these two agencies? Can he prove me wrong by showing me empirical data?

Over 400 mature trees were clear cut at Parcel A on Hunters Point. Else where thousands of trees are cut by City Agencies and no one is saying anything much.

In the Southeast Sector we have some Open Space - large areas like McClaren Park were purchased by private donations and little City money. Now we have crooks trying to take over Open Space and others failing to up keep that last vestiges of Open Space and in San Francisco. Ask Bill Carlin and Franco Mancini and they will tell you the real facts and the nonsense that is going around them surround these Open Spaces. If the Big One strikes believe me what we saw in New Orleans will fail in comparison to what will happen in Racist San Francisco. The Rich will get all the benefits and help but the Poor and mostly people of color will be left to defend themselves. The Mayor now wants all people to volunteer and help the City. The Mayor I think is not aware for every 28 constituents there is ONE SF City worker. What are these leeches doing? Where are all the millions going? We have a $5.7 billion dollar budget and where are the Accountability and the Transparency?

The Office of Emergency Services is a joke and those appointed by Mayor Gavin Newsom the jokers. The City has no helicopter and has no inventory of heavy equipment. No Memoranda of Understand with the Corps of Engineers or the Army Reserve. When that day comes the Mayor will call his side kick Dwayne Jones and initiate Project Big One to bring succor to those close to Mayor Gavin Newsom or so he thinks.

Where is the Mayor's Blue Ribbon to get to the San Francisco Police Department? Mayor Gavin Newsom did not fail when he came to Spin and Media to fake his sympathy at the Saint Mary's Cathedral August 2, 2006 at a gathering of thousands of Law Enforcement Officers.

Mayor Gavin Newsom is a fiasco. His cronies that follow him around fall in the same category.

The Board of Supervisors in San Francisco is no help. Public Comment has been cut to 2 minutes. It used to be 3 minutes. Clowns come to City Hall to parade and display their buffoonery. Hank the Dwarf is quick to interject but has no clue about decorum and common sense.

The BOS have destroyed what decency was left by those that preceded them and linked to Room 250. Today the Circus goes on and nothing much comes from the once August Hall. Hall keeps moving on that seat suffering from some little pain from much affinity to that bottle. The buck is passed from more jokers to one joker the Legislative to the Executive Branch.

The Fix Isn't In

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