Senator Leland Yee and his wife.


It is a great honor that after all these years Pacific Islanders and Asians have Senator Leland Yee representing many California constituents and his own constituents that have not had a strong voice in the California Senate.

I have known Leland Yee from the early days when he was on the SF Board of Education. Leland Yee went on to become one of the better SF Board of Supervisors. He chose to run for State Assembly and served his full terms.

Now, we have the first Chinese Senator that understands the plight of the Pacific Islanders and Asians. The fact that I have a good friend in the California Senate is important to me. In fact it is so important that I chose to go all the way to Sacramento and spend the whole day and evening - observing, meeting people, and sharing the joy of Senator Leland Yee my good friend and keen supporter.

History has not been kind to the Chinese people of California. We must remember the thousands that came to America and California to seek a good life and had to endure discrimination and hostility for years.

Many Chinese families were separated for years. Others had to work menial jobs and jobs where the Chinese daily risked their lives. We must not forget those that built our railways often using dynamite to tear tunnels and losing their lives. Others maimed for life.

We must not forget the thousands that worked in Sweat Shops and were exploited by the Greedy. We must not forget the lack of opportunities and many Chinese put in harms way by City authorities all over California. Today, the picture is changing but we must not forget the past.

Today we have a Chinese Senator and the highlight of the ceremonies of joy - was a Buddhist spiritual ceremony - a rare moment on the steps of the California State Capitol. We look forward to sound legislation and benefits to help not only Pacific Islanders and Asians but all men and women of good faith all over California.

This land we all California belongs to the First People. The land was stolen from the First People and there are 18 treaties signed by the First People of California and the United States Government that have not been ratified. We seek some one to reveal the truth - sooner not later.

Closer to San Francisco this land belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone. As you might expect it was stolen and we have leaders in high places that do not wish to respect the wishes of the Ohlone.

Senator Leland Yee understands the plight of those that suffer be it Asians or anyone. As a Psychologist he has a deeper understanding and spirituality makes his keen insight meaningful and beneficial.

I am not one to look the other side when innocent constituents suffer. I have stood by my Chinese and Pacific Islander and Asian sisters and brothers on issues and affect all humanity. I look forward with the support of the California Senators and Senator Leland Yee to spread the love of compassion and help to those that need it most.

The White Crane Lion Dancers, the Shaolin Monks with their display of martial arts, the Buddhists Monks, the general joy among the people present, knew no bounds. I saw tears of joy because many felt that now they have some one that not only understands them but represent them. Kudos to you Senator Leland Yee.

In the California Assembly, Leland Yee maxed his term and now we hope he serves two full terms and goes on to represent us in Washington D.C.

The face of California is changing and the demographics clearly show a well educated Pacific Islander and Asian community doing well and contributing to Society. Some how many do not venture into politics and if this is not addressed - the corruption and lack of services will not be fairly addressed. Who will join Senator Leland Yee to present sound ideas but more to understand and represent.

Senator Leland Yee and Francisco Da Costa.

The Senate Floor.

The State Senate.

Lion Dancers - White Crane.

The Shaolin Monks.

The Spiritual Ceremony.

The supporters.

The first State Chinese Senator.

The Senator on the Capitol Steps.

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