Toxic Hunters Point.


Lennar Corp is off track and out of whack when it comes to the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) that is a legal document linked to Parcel A on Hunters Point. In recent week crooks that have been on the take have been let down and illegal remuneration pipe line cut off.

Lennar Corp will face a number of Class Action suits and this fact alone should teach the House Negros a thing or two about dirty politics and more about Accountability and Transparency.

For too long the likes of Willie B. Kennedy, Linda Richardson, Toye Moses, Doris Vincent, Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Sophie Maxwell, Angelo King have tried to speak on behalf of the people to the detriment of the majority of the constituents that live in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Lennar Corp is jumping ship and the Tabernacle Group better get on their knees and start praying. The mumbo jumbo about the African Market is out the door and into the cesspool. The Olympic Village with Angelo King as the Director of Fiasco has already been flushed down the toilet. The man still does not get it - trying to play games at the San Francisco Environment Commission.

There are several Class Actions planned against the SF Redevelopment Agency, the City and County of San Francisco, and Lennar Corp. The documentation favors the victims, the constituents that have lived in and around the Kiska Road and Oakdale Public Housing. Daily for months these victims with intent were bombarded by particulates, asbestos dust, lead, mercury, and a host of other radiological elements.

Clinical tests carried on the victims points in the right direction and that bodes well for the victims and put the crooks on hot coals. Time will tell. In the end the TRUTH will prevail and those that have been in bed with crooks will be exposed. I hope this happens sooner not later.

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