Many pimpernels roost at City Hall and that is nothing new. When one throws ethics, morals, fortitude, accountability, transparency to the winds can all that remains is silence. You can walk out of City Hall and see for yourselves hanging on the poles - pimpernels.

I did not have sex with that woman, naming her and trying to look at America in the eye but missing the point all together. The rich soil the satin sheets while maids clean them and wonder about the tell tales left as silent imprints - some times to the day they go to their grave.

Some, at City Hall choose Matinees and others know the harm done to Martin. Others will pretend to be fathers when their DNA is all warped in convoluted procedures of science. There are others from the shoe of Italy that pretend they are royalty but go ask that question in Bolzano and you will get the right answer. We do have some pretending to be kings at City Hall and we do have a queen or two - for sure we do have pimpernels galore.

In life one has to be sincere and thread the many routes in simplicity and with some class. Class come from fairness and sound morals - not so much from religion but a fine tuned conscience. Do we have that at City Hall? I wonder.

Some of my best friends are lesbians and homosexuals. They are my good friends because I never ask them what they do in private but we do address issues for the good of the majority - many general in nature and some in particular in a forth right a manner as possible and try to be fair. I do not like crooked straights and the world knows that.

It has never crossed my mind to covet my good friend's wife. I may have made a pass but to steal her away and do her that has never, ever been my intent so far. But, I guess our leaders at City Hall see little when it comes to extra marital affairs, imitating dogs and think little of it pretending that these times shun principles, ethics, sound judgment - in short character. If my boss ever slept with one of my co- workers - there is no second chance - I would tell the bastard to go to the woods or go climb a mountain and stay there. At City hall morals are low and significant others high on the totem pole.

San Francisco was once a Catholic City- universal in more then one way. While tales of Baghdad by the Bay, the whores that plied their trade by Maiden Lane near Union Square, the Mayors that slept and announced it to the world are well announced most San Franciscans believed and believe in fair play.

We now have a caliber of politicians making their rounds at City Hall not all but some that are worse then low down politicians. And now we have the Crown Jewel doing injustice to his family's jewels. Who could that be?

It really does not matter how hard one works on the Legislative side or tries to maintain some Spin and Media linked to the Executive Branch - at the end of the day, over an extended period of time for sure - morals and ethics rule.

We sure do not like to see pedophiles roaming the halls of Congress that tarnishes the name of this Nation. Not that we have not done much good by segregating the First People on Reservations, earlier stealing, raping, and not fulfilling the mandates laid in the Bible. We San Franciscans in the majority and straight - so far do not favor - perverts of any kind.

Some will say, this is just a little storm in a tea cup. Well, morals, ethics, principles, transparency, accountability and a gamut of sound rules make for better decency. City Hall has lost it in various measures Bonaparte thinks he swims the Bay and can rock that Chair and say. A Queen here a queen there and soon there is pandemonium.

A royal air-head, throw in a street fighter, a known environmentalist, a florist, a sanctimonious pompous conservative, a spewing diatribe, an ebony tree with a whip cream mentality, some good carne asada, a man who chases his tail there is some flavor, a little fragrance, some wind, noise for sure, the air is ripe for revolution but should we exile him to Saint Helena?

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