Some months ago, if you told the many decent folks from Bayview Hunters Point that the sellouts mostly Black would fall on their face with disgrace - the many that had borne the adverse impacts would not believe you. But, it is another day and with the bright sunshine the sellouts have been exposed and those hiding like cockroaches are afraid to be trampled upon.

Some months ago the Bayview Hunters Point Project Area Committee (BVHP PAC), the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) to the Parcel A and other dubious bodies all having affiliations with dubious entities were doing the devil work - and there was a strong thread - a connection with Lennar BVHP LLC.

The Tabernacle Group was out there with loud mouth Aurelious Walker trying to talk the talk but every single time failing to walk the walk. His congregation is confused as to why he did not state to them about the deals he made with Lennar BVHP LLC. So, is the congregation of Boyd, Bishop Green, and other sell outs that do not even live in the Bayview Hunters Point.

The population of Bayview Hunters Point has always had Samoans, Latinos, Whites, and Asians now in their thousands - and you know these scum bags thought nothing of the others but their own selfish needs. Their crime was and is greed - so horrific, so mundane that they disgraced themselves and all those that have any affiliation with them the scum bags that they are.

You would have thought Sophina Maxwell knew better - but she was the leader of the thieves. She has carved her house on Jerrold Street out of the Project Area - this fact gives you an idea about her attitude and how she has misused power. Marcia Rosen is gone - but when she is brought back in the Court of law - the true facts about Sophina Maxwell and others will be revealed before the whole world. It is a fact that within the last two years Asthma cases among children has increased by over forty percent. One has just to study the rate of absenteeism in the Public School and other schools linked to students in the Bayview Hunters Point.

You would like to think that anyone half decent and a pastor with training and education would fend for the sheep but we have devils that will look at suffering children and say mean things - that all is well and that the scum bags have the assurance to the San Francisco Health Department (SFHD). The SFHD and Doctor Mitch Katz is the most despicable health director I have ever met in my life.

I meet daily children that are suffering and they are suffering the most horrific pain and here we have idiots that call themselves pastors of some Black Church that are putting down our children and with them the Elders and others whose suffering have been acerbated because of the illegal activities of Lennar BVHP LLC on Parcel A.

These Pastors that have made a pact with the devil will have to live with blood on their hands for a long, long time. Time is of essence and the parents of the children that are suffering should sue these rascals. You all have evidence that these men of the cloth who have no knowledge are encouraging dubious entities to slowly kill our children and elders by polluting the air with toxic dust and Asbestos dust.

Thank God we have leaders like Archbishop Franzo King, Bishop Ernest Jackson, Minister Christopher Muhammad, Pastor Joe Niumalelega, Pastor Santana, Espanola Jackson, Lynne Brown, Michael Boyd, Marie Harrison, Francisco Da Costa, Jim Queen, Leon Muhammad, Alicia Schwartz, Willie Ratcliff and many others with a track record and not on the take that support the temporary shut down of the project on Parcel A - so that the children's ailments and the toxic pollution can be evaluated and precautions taken to stop the adverse impacts.

On July 31, 2007 at the SF Board of Supervisors meeting Sophina Maxwell the most despicable woman in San Francisco voted against children and she will have to live with this fact of the rest of her life. We visited her office and that includes me as much as I detest her way of thinking and poor intellect to inform her of the issues at hand. Again and again she behaved like a despot doing all in her power, as the Chair of the Land Use to stop our Resolution to first stop the project on Parcel A and second to attend to the ailments of the constituents impacted and for the SF Health Department to reveal the results. If all was well we stated, the work could continue and if not those most at risk could be saved. Sophina Maxwell did all in her rabid ass power to kill the Resolution and we had to wait for a month to resurrect the Resolution and send it before the Full Board. We paid dearly to follow the process and in the interim our children, elders, and other have suffered. Some have died and it is not fair.

Five Board of Supervisors voted for the people and six like Judas voted against the children, the elders, and those that need help most. We thank Ross Mirkarimi, Tom Ammiano, Ed Jew, Gerardo Sandoval, and Chris Daly. The rest we will remember them for a long, long time.

Behind the scene Mayor Gavin Newsom is still working with Lennar BVHP LLC to bring in a Federal Agency under the control of Congressperson Nancy Pelosi to state that the affects linked to Parcel A - the toxic dust and Asbestos dust have no long lasting affects. This is simply wrong and I am stating this before the head of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Captain Susan Muza, R.S., RHSP makes the announcement soon.

We will not take such an answer without full current independent empirical data to make any statement that put the lives of thousands in danger. Captain Susan Muza has stated to us that she is under pressure and that she has to deal with Monsters. For a Senior Regional Representative to make such a statement is not a joke. It is simply wrong for political forces like Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi to work against the people of Bayview Hunters Point.

The work on Parcel A must be stopped and soon we will be putting videos of suffering children on U-Tube to expose Mayor Gavin Newsom, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, and other political scum bags involved in this scam to protect Lennar BVHP LLC who have been doing their work illegally and breaking all the laws as laid down in the Disposition and Development Agreement that is a legal document.

The people are watching and do not under estimate the will of the people.


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