POWER stands for People Organized to Win Employment Rights and has been going strong for ten years. The tenth anniversary was celebrated at the Saint Mary's Cathedral, in San Francisco, September 15, 2007 and was a spiritual and uplifting event.

POWER has been there for women and empowering women, it has stood by workers and fought for their rights to work and good salaries, it has understood the plight of the immigrants and right to quality of life standards, it has worked with those that have been taken advantage of - especially when big corporations are involved in exploitation of the poor.

POWER - emerged from the Homeless Movement in San Francisco and many of its initial leaders brought with them compassion and an endurance to serve those that needed help most. Having gone through the fire of many hurdles, fighting obscure policies, red tape of the worst order - these leaders took it upon them to rewrite the organizational principles and deliver to those that need help most. Action is what they wanted not hot air. POWER - walks the walk and less talk the talk.

POWER has done well and will do well as long as it remains grounded and listens and works with the poor and those that need help most. There is no doubt the leaders that started this movement were principled, selfless, and very astute. I have known most of them in my quest as an advocate and have always supported POWER.

It was a pleasure to hear the POWER speakers from the rank and file. One after another, hold their heads high and speak with an enthusiasm that fired everyone and judging from the applause and cheers - those in attendance enjoyed every moment of the 10 year anniversary celebration.

Kudos to the volunteers, the organizers, funders, those that gave so generously to make this event - a very memorable one. It is not too often that so many great front line leaders gather and watch the rank and file express themselves to well and tell their personal, very touching stories. It was indeed a very uplifting and more healing experience.

San Francisco has been on the cutting edge of many movements - but this movement with like minded organizations, with POWER and others on the front line - will revolutionize and empower those that are now oppressed. We must by any means necessary bring about that change before it is too late.

The key note speaker was my good friend Minister Christopher Muhammad - a very fitting speaker for the times we live in. The gist of his speech centered on two issues - Truth and Unity. A fusion of these two he said will produce a light that will win over those forces that oppress others and reduce freedom and progress to the minimum.

Even as the light of the Sun keeps our Earth moving and generates life - so will Truth and Unity. Judging from the way - Minister Christopher Muhammad was greeted and the applause through out his speech - most in the audience felt enthralled and the spirits very high.

I am in touch with Jaron Brown, Alicia Schwartz and Steve Williams and these leaders of POWER and others have helped us in our quest to defeat and keep at bay - corrupt forces like Lennar BVHP LLC.

Great revolutionary leaders of the past have always nurtured those comrades that sacrifice on the front lines. So, judging from the diverse population and the many comrades good women, children, and men of good faith - San Francisco and other areas are poised for a sound revolutionary change leading to progress and empowerment for basic rights and upward mobility.

Thanks for the translating services - good communication is vital. Thanks for the music and the food. The class decorations and good hospitality - kindness, solace, smiles, a feeling of comradeship was pervasive.

There are many organizations in San Francisco that purport to help but few that will venture to ground zero and tackle the issues after first involving the victims as part of the solution. POWER does this and as long as it continues to listen, support, and empower those that are the victims - it will win the many battles that are in the pipe line.

Kudos to the organizers and the many volunteers that made the celebration a great one. To the many donors and those that contributed and will continue to support POWER in the future - kudos to you all.

Enjoy the photographs.


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