Mayor Gavin Newsom has a closed door policy and a schedule that he is afraid of revealing. Much like his lack of moral compass and his dubious extra curricula activities that are well known in circles where the straw and white powder are status symbols of a decadent time we are living in. Decadence is written on over his face. A disgrace to this Great City we call San Francisco and once known as Yerba Buena.

Our children are dying in the Southeast Sector and this pompous fool, the supreme Racist among Racists and a coward - protected by she and he body guards and a slew of Sheriffs personnel - closed the door leading to Room 200 - afraid to face some decent people and come face to face with reality and actuality facing this once Great City we call San Francisco. The innocent blood of our children and elders is on your hands and you will never, rest in peace.

This is NOT about the Getty's dishing our favors, the Fishers imposing mandates, the Pelosi's plotting, the Blums raking in millions, the Shoresteins acquiring Real Estate, and the many White filthy rich that cannot sleep at night while they perform their dirty deeds in the day time. This City will never be controlled by Lennar Corporation and the machinations of past movers and shakers - the likes of Willie L. Brown and the many ugly characters all dubious in nature.

This City belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone and for those living in oblivion - the time has come for a reality check. This City has permitted those without a moral compass - to have a free ride but now it is time to get spiritual. Some one has to take this City to a better place and you cannot do that by condescending. Once has to call a spade a spade.

Of course the demons in Gavin Newsom do not like to hear that. Gavin has been dropping his pants for too long and tongue in cheek been rescued by Big Money Cartels. The present Mayoral race is a fore-runner of what is in store for another four years. Talk with little action.

Past Mayors will tell you that they have had to deal with the poor and have done their best to side with compassion. But, Mayor Gavin Newsom has chosen to side with the devil and come hard on those that he has created lack of opportunities for.

How can this scum bag feel for the poor when he has his assets stocked for him in Hanna in Maui? Why would this jack ass care when he has no moral compass and flies without impunity in circles dubious in nature. This Mayor has made his bed with the devil and thinks that most decent folks will tolerate his nonsense - forever.

Room 200 is the door that leads to the Mayor's Office. This room has cameras but the inner rooms the sanctum of the unholy revelries does not. I know this because under the Freedom of Information Act we asked for the videos that we should have got - but our FOIA has gone begging.

No Mayor, should bar that door to Room 200 if the public wants to present any petition or notice. Closing that door that belongs to the Public and has years been open - throws a very disparaging shadow of ineptness, arrogance and lack of civility on the part of the Mayor.

In some circles that the Mayor moves in they would call him a dick head. But, we will state the obvious - he is a coward and lacks the manhood to hold his ground and listen to the constituents of this great City. Mayor Gavin Newsom is an anathema to human decency and will be recorded so in history.

When the Board of Education unanimously voted in favor of a Resolution to stop the work at Parcel A on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and to test the children adversely affected by the machination of Lennar BVHP LLC - Mayor Gavin Newsom did not like it. Mayor Gavin Newsom got shafted and rightly so. One must watch the video.

Further when some of us went to meet the 49ers and presented the 49ers in Santa Clara some information - the Mayor was beside himself he was acting like a "bitch" according to the insiders. Who does this jack ass think he is? So far he has not displayed any decency, his intellectual prowess is less then zero, and he has betrayed his trust to his former wife, his best friend, and the citizens of San Francisco and to himself.

When a jack ass is afraid of the responsibilities of his own office. When a jack ass uses his office to intimidate others. When Room 200 has no Accountability and Transparency - something is wrong. We know the turn over in his office in Room 200 is very high. And we know the hanky panky machinations that are tolerate by those that lie at his feet and perform his bidding. Something must give and something will give.

Genuine San Franciscans will not tolerate nonsense and never have.

Many idiots that have ridden a high horse have fallen on their face.

Mayor Gavin Newsom - for too long have too may of us have had patience with you.

It is time for you to reform or face the reality of a serious of salvos that will expose you for what you are. A paper tiger.

A fly on the wall that can be swatted with the proper tool. An insignificant head of this City with an understanding that belies ignorance. A symbol of distrust but more without a moral compass.


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