Time flies they say and with it we forget and knowing some I know who should know at the age they are - the senior moment kicks in every few minutes. So, folks what is it really to know about the Pacific Height Mafia?

Folks do you all remember the billion dollar heroin bust made by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in 1991 at a Hayward California Warehouse? Try forgetting your Senior Moments and think of a name - Robert DeMonte. The year 1991 and Robert DeMonte, Administrator of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) - Region IX if I am not mistaken.

Nancy Pelosi and many other prominent names were linked with this bust - all investors in the Hayward California Warehouse- billion dollar heroin bust. Time flies and people forget and now we have a Speaker of the House - and surely no one is supposed to remember this incident. At least not the heroin!

For sure many of us remember the Geneva Towers Public Housing and how so many were removed, never ever to return - when this building and all that was in it was dynamited - imploded. Once funded as a high rise building comparable to the Chicago Cabrini Green and Saint Louisšs Joe Pruitt HUD operated as Public Housing Projects. Drugs and prostitution galore - but who do you think was raking in the money? Private guards with machine guards - let in those they so desired and others they taunted and shot at if they willed. I am not talking Iraq or Viet Name and a War Zone - I am talking about a site in the Visitation Valley.

How many remember the Presidio of San Francisco an OPEN military base. You could drive in and see most anything - will kept roads, buildings, and of course discipline. The Military Police were second to none and the Officers who served in the Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco and those that served on the Garrison side - all great women and men.

So why it is that only some thugs that I liken to the MAFIA now have access to all that is worth while at the Presidio of San Francisco?

First, we had the infamous James Meadows who was fired after wasting and stealing millions. Now - we have the Presidio Trust making it possible for all the rental housing to be rented at high prices and the money going into the coffers of investors. Could it be the partners and investors of a dubious entity called the Presidio Partners?

Presidio in Spanish means Jail House so very appropriate that these so called high society members would choose such a name way back in 1991 and before - knowing well - what was going to happen to so many military base closures and thousands of rental and other units - staying vacant but handed over to the Mafia and members of the Presidio Partners? A model Land Banking but only this time around real rental units - fix them a little and hoard in the folks.

I should know having worked for the Real Estate and Property Management Division - just before all of the Presidio of San Francisco housing was turned over to the John Stewart Company around 1995.

The Presidio Partners - let me call them affectionately the Pacific Heights Mafia are all over the place. You heard of Proposition F - the community read Proposition G and thought it was crap - no legal and binding language and giving some thugs over 770 acres worth $5 Billion on a platter. Some mention was made about affordable housing but nothing precise, nothing in detail, and language very vague of course.

Proposition F demanded fifty percent Affordable Housing for those making less then sixty thousand dollars, those making less then forty thousand dollars, and of course embracing those with low income and no income. We agreed to fifty percent market value housing - considering the land was for FREE and the EQUITY worth $5 Billion. We garnered over forty five thousand voters and more to increase that number ten fold - soon.

It is strange how Lennar a Rogue Company was given Candlestick Point without any bid. Much like what has happened with housing at Treasure Island, at many Single Residential Occupancy (SROs) in San Franciscošs Tenderloin, Hunters Point, here, there and everywhere. Rogue so called Property Managers raking in millions at the expense of poor folks.

People have memories and then people have memories and some times we forget to retain and connect the dots. You must be vigilant the MAFIA loves the inter-play and raking in money - killing, maiming, depriving, stealing, poisoning, and doing all that and more with the help of this City and County of San Francisco. Remember that song with some lyric ­ killing me softly Š..

Shipping containers have been landed at Hunters Point and in the Visitation Valley. Guns, drugs, you name it - all that a connoisseur would like to possess to kill and make a fortune selling drugs. Perpetuating the Black on Black violence and preparing and making way for the Pacific Height Mafia to come in - steal the land, tear down the buildings, remove the people and populate it - with the likes that do not live there - now.

So, how many of you remember that billion dollar bust in 1991 at the Hayward California Warehouse and the scum bags that were connected with it? Now, remember that was one bust where the DEA caught the scum bags. Think for a moment how many billions of dollars were made because how many thousands of kilos of heroin - reached their destination and finally destroyed so many thousands of lives.

Now, just think for a moment who was behind this nonsense. In years gone by we have had bodies floating in the Bay because of such nefarious activities. Lucky we have folks that remember what I am saying. Again, remember in San Francisco that is a Racist City we have characters that will kill and maim to make money. Steal, plunder, and drive thousands using devious ploys and the SF machinery to rake in the billions.

We must be vigilant and be careful of the Pacific Heights Mafia and those that will do anything to harm the poor and those that cannot defend themselves.

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