People, all decent people gathered and united will always WIN when any attempt it made to defeat the COMMONS using " thug like tactics" as we have encountered from the SF Redevelopment Agency, Lennar a Rogue Developer, the lame duck, spineless Mayor Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi the former Speaker of the House, Diane Feinstein the sitting Senator and leading the charge locally to destroy the community Sophie Maxwell the District 10, Supervisor.

Things just do not happen all of a sudden. For those that have no clue about the destruction of the Muwekma Ohlone Park at Islais Creek where now a narrow bridge touches the ground by Marin Street - Sophie Maxwell the so called Representative permitted this bridge to be built without meaningful dialog. Prior to that those of us that remember history Sophie Maxwell permitted three conduits to be dug under the Force Main - a large pipe that carried millions of gallons of secondary effluents, aka treated waste water that is dumped beneath Pier 80 into the Bay.

When the Force Main was comprised the entire Muwekma Park and Sanctuary was destroyed. Sophie Maxwell and the other culprits did not apologize and never mind - they all have BLOOD on their hands. Involved with this dubious project was Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA), Catellus, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), SF Port Authority, SF County Transportation Authority and others.

Heron's Head Park aka Pier 98 once received over 80 tons of very toxic for over 60 years; particulates and other dangerous elements - being less then 50 feet away from the Hunters Point Power Plant. The power plant is no more but the toxicity adheres and Pier 98 aka Heron's Head Park is not clean. Literacy for Environmental Justice continues to expose our children by taking them to this Park. More, by enticing them to a Living Classroom that should be called a classroom of SLOW DEATH.

Sophie Maxwell, Mayor Gavin Newsom, and a host of other inept folks chose to defy common sense, the Precautionary Principle, testimony from credible witnesses, and empirical data. Our children especially should not be allowed to go anywhere near this toxic cesspool. The hypocrisy, of touting a off the GRID, Living Classroom in the middle of Chernobyl in an area that is not safe, less healthy and adversely the health of all beings. Study the Precautionary Principle.

In the year 1998 Lennar a Rogue Developer registered in Sacramento as an Limited Liability Company (LLC). Lennar, the Rogue Company, they did this three times using different names in California, before registering themselves in Delaware as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) to carry on their dubious ploys and machinations. Same snake different head.

In the year 2004 Lennar with intent poisoned our children and elders. Lennar used Roy Willis an agent provocateur to buy mostly Black Sellouts to divide the community and paid them money. Leading that charge to foster corruption was Sophie Maxwell the District 10, Supervisor.

Lennar has defaulted on the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) a legal document tied to Parcel A one of many Parcels, at the Shipyard, the other still under the jurisdiction of the United States Navy. The proponents of Proposition G - Sophie Maxwell, Aurelious Walker, Lola Whittle, James Bryant, Diane Feinstein, and Gavin Newsom all do not see the folly of Proposition G. Nothing is happening at Parcel A and all the vain talk of jobs, homes, and parks is hot air. The actual air at the Shipyard is polluted and contaminated with Radiological and Asbestos structures. The daily reports from Treadwell and Rollo/Acumen point to a toxic situation - Sophie Maxwell has no clue about.

Our children, women and men protested the facts and the pollution to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) and Lennar were fined $150,000. The highest fine ever imposed on any entity polluting the air. There has been no apology to our children from SF Redevelopment Agency, Lennar the Rogue Developer, Mayor Gavin Newsom, the SF Health Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, Sophie Maxwell and others.

We know that Senator Diane Feinstein, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Barbara Boxer all know about the adverse impacts from the heavy grading of toxic Serpentine Rock and the bombardment of the community adjacent to Parcel A- Lennar, the Rogue Developer accomplished - nothing, nada, zilch.

In the ten years Sophie Maxwell has been in office hundreds of young men have died. Black on Black violence could have been stopped; but Sophie Maxwell chose to look the other side. I attended the many Safety Meetings and there was nothing, what so ever forth coming from Sophie Maxwell. Inept and dumb she will run her mouth, but when it comes to making any sound decision, putting a practical plan in place, she lacks leadership and it all stems from her being inept.

Sophie Maxwell backed the plan to put the 49ers stadium on a toxic parcel D1 at Hunters Point. Both Dr John York and Jed York his son thought nothing of that plan and decided to build a brand new stadium at Santa Clara closer to the 49rs headquarters. Sophie Maxwell listened to Carmen Policy, Willie L. Brown, other corrupt folks, that thought they could hook wink the COMMONS and those decent - and the COMMONS won.

The Asian community, more the Polynesian community, the Latino community, the decent Blacks and Whites, the Native Americans have not benefited from Sophie Maxwell. These communities have spoken loud and clear about Sophie Maxwell dismal - record. At one time over 40% Polynesians lived at Hunters View today that area is a war zone. The Polynesian community has been affected the most and the suffering of this community is not warranted at all.

Our youth have missed out on opportunities and we look forward to a new day and a new change in 2011. We must not bluff our youth, they have a long memory, and one way of the other Sophie Maxwell must remember that KARMA will get her ass. The woman is dumb I know, but I hope not so dumb as to not comprehend, realize what is evident.

I think I have made by point. Sophie Maxwell has been a disaster since taking office in 2000 and when she leaves office in the year 2011 - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

Recently, at a Land Use Meeting Sophie Maxwell tried to take me on during Public Comment. Sophie by trade is an electrician and they say she once worked at the United States Post Office. Sophie Maxwell does not have the ability to write legislation, her aides help her. Often times they write some statements and Sophie will read it verbatim. Pausing, while she makes mistakes and laughing like a jackass. Sophie Maxwell, cannot think straight and when she is confounded with facts, throws a tantrum which leads one to believe that she may need some cerebral, pressing medical attention.

The present Economic Crisis has hit the Bayview Hunters Points and Sophie Maxwell track record of dividing the Blacks in District 10 where there are hot spots where there is as much as 60% employment. Sophie Maxwell has not done anything for this hurting segment of the population, preferring to talk about people moving to the Middle Class without being given opportunities.

Sophie attain some degree of success, because of her mother, now deceased, a good friend of mine Enola Maxwell. Enola Maxwell would NOT approve the behavior of Sophie Maxwell, I say that and so do many others. Sophie Maxwell has contributed and leaves a legacy of divisiveness, spiraling poverty, and has not contributed to Quality of Life, issues.

We must embrace 2011 even as 2010 has allowed us to win on so many issues. Thank you to the few honest leaders. Thanks to our children and youth that I admire so much. Thanks, to the few honest women and men who have come out and spoken against injustice and the blatant toxic behavior of neglect; propagated by Sophie Maxwell. Sophie leaves office in early January - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

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