It is nice to go to the circus and have some fun, except when you are at City Hall and see some buffoons that are supposed to represent pander to the MACHINE and think that will go Scott Free; in a circus like atmosphere.

The changing of the GUARD took place and I have been monitoring these clowns ñ it is great to see their names on the various COMMITTES, the Chairs, and the nepenthe that is slowly affecting, the last bunch of jokers that are still hovering, around. One of them Bevan Dufty.

Gavin Newsom is in Sacramento and has a staff of three; he is trying to make waves having the ability to attend the meeting of the Regents that make policies linked to the California Universities. Gavin says he can fix the system without the mandatory $500 million in cuts. The Regents tried to hear him but no one paid attention. Governor Jerry Brown is about to bring out the whip.

George Gascon was sworn in at the last moment as SF District Attorney, the man who came from Messa, Arizona and who is now put in charge of the mess left by Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris as Attorney General of California has a budget of over $700 million. Over 1200 attorneys work for Kamala and they say over 5300 employees. Willie L Brown Jr. the former thug Mayor of San Francisco must be blushing and now can visit his former mistress and fulfill his desire at will. Funny, how this world ticks when it comes to moving in circles and at certain- political levels with intent to commit fraud. It is like a game of chess, here a pimp there a whore - and to damn with the constituents that need help with less representation.

The SF Police Commission was quick to put in place a process to choose a Police Chief. They say both Ed Lee the former City Administrator and Godown the present interim Police Chief are there only for an allocated time. Godown may have his wings clipped in a couple of months and Ed Less is waiting for the Chinese Premier to visit San Francisco and fulfill his other secret ambitions - before resuming to being City Administrator, less fun fare, and legally get his fat salary back that has been trimmed because of circumstances beyond his control.

The Changing of the Guard has not resolved our main problems. One in three children goes to bed hungry in District 10. The same holds true in District 11. The Bay Recorder seems not to note this factor and the other factors linked to Lennar whose early demise has been hastened with Redevelopment Agencies, State wide have been told that their pipeline to Sacramento gold - is a thing of the past. I can see Tiffany Bohee and Fred Blackwell, both Blacks that put their worst foot forward and cater to the Big Developers and of course shafted the COMMONS. Time will tell. What will become of the Alice Griffith Public Housing and the sell outs that lied and testified, were fed by the likes of Dwayne Jones and Angelo King.

The Change of the Guard comes with some INTERIM connections - for some it is: "let's make hay while the sun shines". The Weiner guy is adjusting himself but he has not seen the fireworks yet. Carmen Chu thinks she has it easy, let us see how she fares in the next six months.

Those SF Supervisors that voted for Lennar and are still in office including David Chiu must now face the music. It is not only about Hunters Point Naval Shipyard but Treasure Island. Linked to the stoppage of Redevelopment funds, the Federal Government under the Republicans are gearing to send some hot stuff down the pipe line - this time it is not the Pork Barrel Stuff, Nancy Pelosi made possible. T he two hags we have representing San Francisco have been an utter failure - and may be for the first time they will be tested in the arena of tested will and fierce debate and policy making.

Chris Daly the mover and shaker, the rebel rouser and some times loud mouth, the man who could when things were tense - come out with solutions - left on a sour note but in all honesty - exposing the turn coats and the DNA that they inherently were faking, for the longest time possible in Room 250.

Public Comment at City Hall is a joke. The first clown that starts Public Comment, a regular feature, is permitted to speak in Arabic and he has his say without anyone, in the audience, nor City government having a clue about what he is saying. Then the man will speak in English on other topics of his choice and getting twice the time allocated to speak at Public Comment which is two minutes. Then some more clowns follow, except they cannot speak in a foreign language to hoodwink, anyone. If one goes a little beyond the two minutes, as far as the other regular speakers - the Clerk of the Board will lower the volume and if this if not rude - I do not know what it.

The issue of the Pension linked to our over 26,000 City employees is an issue that has to be solved. In the past Sean Elsbernd the ranking senior SF Supervisor has made it his cause. No one seems to comprehend that with the impending $100 million increase; a lot can happen and mostly adversely impacting our City's Budget and Quality of Life issues.

Mention must be made of Proposition B that was initiated by the City's Public Defender, Jeff Adachi. He understood this issue about Pensions and our City Employees, others did too, but the crooks that pander to the MACHINE and those that pander to the corrupt politicians and fill their campaign coffers wanted to carry on business as usual - this nonsense must stop. To top it all we have many City Employees that do not contribute to their pensions but get it for free from tax payers that pay the City and from other sources linked to this City and County of San Francisco.

Topics of interest that no one wants to touch are our Senior Citizens in San Francisco. We have over 45% of our population that can call themselves Senior Citizens; our City population is about 816,000. Then we have about 30% disabled and these two segments of our population are hurting. It will be left to be seen how this current sitting SF Board of Supervisors deal with this issue.

The Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) has some new Commissioners and it will be left to be seen how they deal with reality. The aging software tied to the Light Street Rail and the storage of our Light Rail Cars has surfaced and both are adversely impacting operations.

Goons come and go, and rumor has it that Nathaniel Ford is leaving but the man says: "how can I leave my cozy home at the Presidio of San Francisco" He earns over $350,000 with perks and so did Michael Burns the previous Director and "thug" who did nothing to improve MUNI - that is what our Municipal System is called.

Our public transportation is not on time and what is abhorring are our dirty MUNI buses. Just enter the other bus systems and see for yourself - SamTrans for example. Add to that the graffiti and the vomit and MUNI buses not swept, washed, and sanitized for months - and you have a situation for some pandemic ready to show its ugly and horrendous, head.

Crime in on the increase, thefts, stealing, attacks on our Senior Citizens, car thefts, break ins, white collar crimes, and no one wants to analyze such crimes. These crimes in the thousands every quarter seem to show their ugly head with no one bothering to address such crimes that affect Quality of Life issues. The Safety Committee now meets on Thursday, which is good for me - time to see what the clowns sitting on the other side have to say.

The SF Public Utilities Commission an Enterprise Department is getting ready to spend BILLIONS to revamp the Digesters, the Waste Water Improvement System (WWIS). I have been following these ploys and machinations and will report from time to time on these convoluted projects and the BONDING of the projects that no one seems to care about. Over $4 Billion and most of the work in our backyard.

Sides note in the last three weeks some entity that will rake in millions has been tunneling next to Executive Park and add to this doing the Piling Work that is causing a lot of noise and disturbance. The City has no sound Standard Operating Procedure to address this issue. The SF Health Department, the Environmental Section under Rajiv Bhatia is supposed to address such issues but all we get is the run a round. Call 311 and they do not know what to do. Call SFPUC and they know less.

Nine thousand Veterans are homeless and the SF Board of Supervisors has no clue about this situation. Ten thousands chronic truants, our youth do not go to school and no one thinks anything about this situation.

You must watch the meetings of the SF Unified School District - they talk and talk, waste money. One or two of the SF Unified School District Board members; were audited, and caught ripping off the system, using their Credit Cards for personal use. The paradox one was reelected and the other is the President of the SF Unified School District. What a glaring example of buffoonery for our youth to follow.

The Changing of the Guards at City Hall is interesting. Some of us can predict the future at least when it comes to buffoons. For sure we do not have to deal with air-head Michaela Alioto-Pier. The most corrupt of them all Sophie Maxwell. All talk and little action - Bevan Dufty. The replacements all have their allegiance to the MACHINE and the Pacific Heights Mafia. We can handle the rogues and have before - time will tell.

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