America does not feel ashamed when so many white collar crimes are committed and millions of innocent, hardworking people, adversely impacted. Many losing their homes to foreclosure, others out of a job for years, our children deprived of housing, health, and education, our seniors left to die in the elements.

America once was respected for what we stood and I am talking about the American people at large. Then; came those that we called the GREEDY and slowly the Middle Class eroded to such a extent; that today the majority of the Middle Class that was built up from the early 1950s is at its lowest point.

It is amazing to hear and see those we call our Representatives put down those that truly represent; those that take a stand and know what they are talking about. It is not easy to speak the TRUTH; it is easy to lie, as do our San Francisco Board of Supervisors the likes of Carmen Chu, Malia Cohen - others despicable to the core. Not to mention Willie L. Brown Jr., the former corrupt Mayor of San Francisco, Rose Pak who controls the Chinese constituents is the worst way possible and thinks the future is here when it is not.

The Occupy Movement has revealed the true colors and brought to light the true sentiments of our leaders who are NOT transparent and have no accountability. The protests are necessary to shed light on the darkness. And do you know that those that lie, steal, bluff, deceive do not want any light shed on them - there is no place for morals, ethics, standards, any factor that embraces the truth and decency.

American banks and insurance companies; exported derivatives, sub-prime loans, other algorithms, ploys and machinations to deceive and steal from innocent people all over world; bringing disgrace to the fair name of common Americans. The likes of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, insurance companies like Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac - we know this but we do not have the moral guts to apologize to the world.

The evil that has been imported to the entire world and is now impacting Europe - has come to haunt the United States of American - many fold.

Most politicians are LIARS; they love to speak in generalities, and say things they believe for a second the people at large want to hear, most stupid people believe them, as do those that fall for the nonsense of the SPIN in the Main Media.

There is a big difference when President Jim Carter spoke and the actions he took he was not a liar. We know today who the liars at SF City Hall are and who are the vermin positioning them to make money and fill their campaign coffers and believe you me; we will expose them even as we are building their portfolio of LIES and ploys.

There is talk now to move the Occupy San Francisco protest to the Mission. Why the Mission? Why not in front of City Hall? Why not in front of Diane Feinstein's home - she has two in the Pacific Heights? Why not in front of Nancy Pelosi's house or the corrupt Getty's? We could have in front of Gavin Newsom's house but the weasel fled to Marin County to live with his in laws.

We must expose the Greedy. Someone; can easily build toilets, restrooms, Water Compartments, Loos - all along Market Street and name them after the corrupt politicians. Carmen Chu, Malia Cohen, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Willie L. Brown Jr., Richard Blum, the Fishers, others of the ilk of Bernie Maddoff complete with their portfolios and what they stand for.

We could start on the internet and build this virtual portfolio now and see how fast we can transfer the cyber portfolio, from a conceptual idea to a practical one. We must unite to stem the corruption and get rid of corrupt politicians and others that pretend to represent.

The UC Davis rogue cop is now all over the internet - pepper spraying Bambi, and other docile characters and people get the message, faster than they can blink and say wow!

The times are changing and changing fast and we must leave a record and that record is best left in the digital world; where it can be visited and the corrupt, the despicable, the spineless leaders, the liars put to shame.

Here are some more photographs of the San Francisco Occupy Movement:


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