This time there is no doubt we see it all over the place on Third Street and all over Bayview Hunters Point. At one time on Third Street you could stand all day long and may be you would see one or two walk their poodles on Third Street. I am not talking big dogs, pit bulls: poodles, now are ruling the street on the Bayview Hunters Point, a level that favors gentrification.

Big developers, small developers, all sorts of crooks at scouring the Bayview Hunters Point looking for opportunities and they are making hay while the sun shines. The Bayview Hunters Point is known for home ownership; while in the rest of the City and County of San Francisco, sixty percent rent; in the Bayview Hunters Point we have over sixty percent of home ownership.

The City and County of San Francisco and its so called drab representative Sophie Maxwell and now the despicable Malia Cohen do and did not have the ability to do anything when thousands lost their homes in the Bayview Hunters Point. Many of them fell prey to sub-prime loans, and other types of ploys and machinations, mostly triggered by the large banks.

Many of the homes were paid for by those that purchased them a long time ago; only for the children of the elderly parents and in many cases grandparents taking loans on the homes. When the big banks were offering large sums of loans and those taking them had no clue about sub-primes loans, less about balloon payments, and even less about liens and evictions.

If our Mayors in San Francisco, our City Administrators, our San Francisco Board of Supervisors had the ability to discern, were educated on issues, had some sense about Quality of Life issues; they would have step up and done something.

The City of San Francisco could have bought the homes and help other San Franciscans, the City could have bought rental units and stopped the situation what we have today. One bed room units renting for $3500, if this is not ridiculous I do not know what is. Thousands have left San Francisco. We know politicians who speak from both sides of their mouths, always pandering, and always raking in the money. San Franciscans are fed up. Thousands of rental units are gone, gone with the wind. Many homes fell under and the banks did what they do best; steal the assets without blinking an eye.

Today some are bragging about the 38 cranes in the air; but most of that talk is hot air. The Chinese are here and are buying Real Estate much like the Japanese did in the 1980s. Everywhere you go you see development, and where there is development, congestion. It takes one 30 minutes, 40 minutes, some times an hour to move by four or five blocks in the City.

The congestion on City streets causes back to back traffic jams on the freeways; and no one is paying attention. There is no one that comes out with solutions; all these politicians do is react to some issues. Dumb, inept, spineless, and lacking morals, ethics, and or course standards the politicians say want you want them to hear but lack plain decency and honesty.

The Bayview Hunters Point is now targeted by greedy and rogue developers the likes of Lennar, a Rogue Developer. Imagine trying to build homes in the middle Chernobyl. The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is a Superfund Site. What is it that these idiots do not understand? At Hunters Point Naval Shipyard; depleted uranium was tested. An atomic bomb assembled that was dropped over Japan. Hundreds of large animals exposed to radioactive elements, experimented on and buried all over the Shipyard.

If housing is built and if this City wants to cater to the Middle Class which has already eroded, pretending to cater to the moderate citizens whatever that means, dream of catering to the low and no income; the City and County of San Francisco has to put in place a viable plan. A Blue Print with goals and timelines.

No one invited Bridge Development, Mercy Housing, and the John Stewart Company into our community. Now these developers are poised to take over Public Housing; housing that catered to the poor, the indigent, those that have mostly fallen on bad times and are need help. The assets of the COMMONS.

Developers are promising "mixed housing" and have in mind those that can afford market rate prices. No one so far anywhere in the City and County of San Francisco has offered succor to the poor, the indigent, seniors who fall in category of low income; in short those that need help most.

We advocates want sound housing for all are watching how the housing that once catered to the COMMONS is taken over and in the name of MIXED HOUSING thousands will be sent packing; out of their present Public Housing, never to be seen again.

There is nothing holistic building homes where once there was a parking lot. Where before the parking lot was there, was a gas station. Covering fuel tanks and where some minimal abatement is done; the abatement is called "capping".

On a bigger scale at Hunters Point where 90% of the land still is under the jurisdiction of the United States Navy the City is trying to fast track bringing that land under the jurisdiction of the City and County of San Francisco.

The units planned at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard are high density units that do not favor delivering Quality of Life issues. We experienced this a long time ago when the Geneva Towers were operated by the John Stewart Company.

Lennar is a Rogue Developer that will fail on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The land belongs to the Ohlone; in fact it was part of the Bay; despicable folks demolished two hills and removed the dirt; with the remains of the Ohlone; and filled in the Bay; creating what is now known as the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The United States Navy did wrong and until today not one square inch has been monitoring and evaluated linked the Native American Graves Protection Act and other Federal rules and regulations. The Muwekma Oholine is fully cognizant of this fact.

This is called desecration. If those speaking from both sides of their mouth do not comprehend this; think about liquefaction and flooding. Now think of the worst type of contamination; when the Big One strikes; Parcel E2 will blow up in your FACE; and those that think they will be there; will perish but the end will not be pretty.

"No good ever will ever take place at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard" I had said this many times; and I say it again.

Bayview Hunters Point is poised for gentrification and this time the low number of Blacks numbering 4% that once was 25% will diminish before our eyes.

This is a crying shame because many Blacks laid their lives during the War Effort and World War II. Politicians do not think as decent people do. Lying, cheating, Hood winking politicians, who rake in millions, think that everything is rosy and will remain, rosy.

You have BLOOD on your hands, if you evict people, let people die on the streets of San Francisco. Harm our children, our elders, those that need help most. The housing promised is for the rich.

Right now if any poor person is in need, needs emergency housing they are put on a waiting list. We have gone through this and know the facts. They ask the poor if they have good credit, when they do not have a credit card.

There are organizations that will offer you emergency housing; then force you to attend meetings, where you bear testimony, and participate in some classes, most of them "drab". You are told again and again about misery, and there is no uplifting of the soul. I participated and know what I am talking about.

If have shelters and have had shelters for years; dirty, stinking, noisy, with bed bugs and we think this is how human beings must be treated.

We have other shelters that offer you a chair; you sit in the chair and sleep all night long. If we think in this manner about humanity; if have a long way to go and the politicians does not give a "rat's ass" about the poor; not some like Scott Weiner, Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, David Chu, David Campos and London Breed. These scum bags talk the talk but have not walked the walk.

The above all scum bags, in their campaigns they say they want to represent but when they are elected they are busy raking in the money. Most of them immoral, lack ethical principles, have been called out by the Ethics Commission. Rebuked by the public at large and more. Their day is coming, and it will not be pretty.

God sees everything. No one can harm our children, our seniors, our single women that need dire help, the mentally challenged left to fend on the street of San Francisco. So many of them that tourists are wondering what the City and County of San Francisco is doing about the mentally, challenged.

The City heads of Department are wondering too — where is the leadership? Aho.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Wake up before it is too, too, too late.

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