For a couple of thousands all smokes stakes and we have the worst ones in the Southeast Sector can be retrofitted by using state of the art oxidizing filters to stop toxins spewing in the air.

Of course Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), San Francisco Environment, the Mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsom and his so called experts know nothing about the latest technology.

This method has been used in space for many years and all over Europe. We often talk that the United States in NUMBER ONE but when is comes to pollution we are ranked ZERO. I say that because we have the means and methods but we do not want to put the money where our mouth is. We prefer to shove our foot every time we talk about the environment.

No wonder at the major Environmental Conferences no one worth their salt pays any attention to the United States. But right here in our backyard the old toxic spewing stacks can be curtailed by using oxidizing filters and the experts are here but no one wants to offer them the money and the joy to do the retrofitting and help the constituents of San Francisco.

The following link gives one some clue as to the how the technology works:

The Oxidizing Power of the Atmosphere

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