The crooks and that includes Sophie Maxwell want to site 3 toxic combustible engines called Peakers at the Mirant Plant near Dog Patch. This idea is not good and will be fought tooth and nail by the constituents of San Francisco.

The City and County of San Francisco, Board of Supervisors and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is playing with the lives of the people in the Southeast Area. Those who will be adversely impacted Potrero Hill, Dog Patch, Hunters Point and Bayview.

All those who favor his scheme should be taken to court. I see that these crooks are trying to hood wink the people with INTENT. Such vermin should not see the light of day.

If the Mayor's Office of Economic Development is behind this devious scheme they better back off - if not the consequences will be very severe. This time we are not joking. This is not the Disposition and Development Agreement linked to Hunters Point Shipyard. We will join forces with the strongest entities to ward off this devious scheme.

I assure you those who have any desire to place the 3 Combustible Turbines will LOSE. Back off before it is too late.

San Francisco Electric Reliability Project

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