San Francisco Environment a Department of the City and County San Francisco has not done justice to the constituents of San Francisco and especially those who live in the Bayview Hunters Point when it comes to energy issues.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) took the lead some 6 months ago trying to hold some fake Public Meetings and trying to push some facts down the throats of the constituents regarding the Combustible Turbines (CTs). It failed.

The Public clearly stated we do not want any Peakers or CTs in our community. I have suggested place one in the Presidio, another one at 5th and Market, one near the Larkin or Mission Sub-Station and one can place a couple at the Airport. They all are in close proximity to a distribution line and SFPUC can figure out how to supply natural gas to the CTS.

Today we should stay away from fossil fuel and what SFPUC is doing is encouraging such adverse methods that are a source of pollution. Go figure.

It is not fair under any circumstances that one single CT is placed near the Bayview Hunters Point. Our District 10 Supervisor does not get it even though she is an Electrician by trade. She is working against the community to resurrect the Task Force on the Peakers trying to cajole some constituents to go with the flow with lies and non-facts.

The least this woman could have done is get Maurice Campbell, Lynne Brown, Barbara George, Marie Harrison others who know involved with the Task Force on the Peakers. She chooses those who have made million on the back of the poor and if you read the list you can pick the crooks. The woman will not go away - she continues to adversely impact the community. She surrounds herself with evil people.

The woman moves to appoint crooks who will all appear on Wednesday, April 28, 2004 at City Hall in Room 263. She has added insult to everything by making room and trying to appoint the Director of Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) whom the community at large looks down as one who uses our children to make money.

LEJ together with Bayview Advocates got a lot of money from the $13.6 million that was to be spent on those adversely impacted in the 94124 zip code. LEJ and Bayview Advocates did not support us on AB 1187 they supported crooks and went against the community. Today they are working against the community trying to vote for the Peakers or CTs.

These CTs are the worst polluters because they use poor technology. These CTs will also use secondary effluents from the treated wastewater plant to cool the system and release pathogens into the air. They will use fossil fuel. These factors go against any logic and adversely impacts the constituents of the Southeast Area, which is District 10, and beyond.

San Francisco Environment (SFE) is trying to develop a Community Benefit Plant without educating the Public at Large. Most of the Public does not know the details that go into producing electricity using CTs and how polluting they can be.

The Community Benefit Plan should explain the CUMULATIVE POLLUTION that will be present when the CTs are installed if ever. Right now our children are dying.

The Community should be educated on the proposed Jefferson-Martin Transmission Line that makes all CTS or Peakers a moot point in San Francisco. SFE is ignorant of this fact. I have not seen them at a single Jefferson-Martin Transmission Line Public Meeting.

SFE has been attending certain meetings in Sacramento and not informing the constituents who know more then SFE. SFE has been ignorant on issues and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), the California Independent System Operator (CA ISO), the California Energy Commission (CEC), the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), and many other Energy Experts are fully aware of this fact.

SFE has been working with SF Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) and the District 10 Supervisor Sophie Maxwell against the community. Sophie is for AB 1187, she is for the Peakers, she is for the Task Force linked to the Peakers, she works closely with Bayview Advocates Olin Webb and, Karen Pierce. LEJ Director Dana Reid Lanza who works against many issues that adversely impact the community at large.

San Francisco Environment cannot fool the genuine Activists all the time. So far we have been patient but now we cannot take it anymore. To Sophie Maxwell I say - if you continue behaving as you do - no one will respect you. I will ask you what then will be your LEGACY? I will answer it for you - an utter failure.

It is amazing how you, Sophie cannot understand some basic and elementary issues pertaining to Energy Issues - the Peakers or CTs. You have done nothing practical to eliminate pollution - now you want to increase pollution and add to the cumulative pollution in the Southeast Sector. Shame on you.

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