Parodi's and Breakfast at Tiffany's.


Businesses on San Bruno Avenue have always played an important role in the history of San Francisco. When the 1906 earthquake struck San Francisco nothing much happened on San Bruno Avenue. Large areas down town and in the Mission District were devastated by the earthquake and more by the ensuing fire.

Businesses on San Bruno Avenue took upon themselves to help the folks all over the City - especially when it came to supplies of food stuff. San Bruno and the surrounding area called Portola at that time produced a lot of healthy greens and there were cow pastures, goats, and lot of chicken farms. Simple folks but with a big heart.

I have had the pleasure over the years to sit and talk with the old timers many of them have since passed away but they told their stories and explained a lot of stuff that have not been recorded in history books.

At one time the Old Bayshore and more importantly San Bruno Avenue carried the bulk of horse and donkey carriage traffic as can be witnessed by the 4 mile, 5 mile, 7 miles stops that the horse and donkey carriages made. Even today we see signs of them but no one pays too much attention.

Over the years San Bruno has changed and even the District which was once a lot of District 10 has been divided. That whole area from Silver to Bacon Street is now District 9 and from the middle of San Bruno Avenue going towards Mission Street the many rows of good housing all come now under District 9.

Businesses once that were operated by the Maltese, French, and Italians are now predominantly operated by Asians mostly Chinese. But there are a few old businesses that I will make mention of. I am doing this because from time to time I see the old timers and their children and they want to know what really has become of San Bruno Avenue. Breakfast at Tiffany's is still there and so is Parodi's the dentist that catered to so many. Even today many come from far off to have breakfast at Tiffany's.

We have Giovanni my good friend who still works at his brother-in-law's shoemaker store - many of us will remember Danny his wife still lives above the store. Now and then I meet Danny's daughter and son. Giovanni means a lot to me because he often helps to fix my leg brace and saves me a lot of trouble and time.

We still have Lido's Pastry that was established in 1933. It still sells come fine baked cookies, one of kind bread, pastries and cakes. The youth come from neighboring schools and old timers still pick up the fresh baked bread and deserts one of a kind.

The Avenue Theater still stands by now it is a church. As I said much of San Bruno has changed and it is growing crowded with an influx of Asians mostly Chinese flooding the Portola District.

Danny's Shoe Repair on San Bruno Avenue.

Giovanni busy at work.

San Bruno Avenue from Paul to Silver.

Lido's established in 1933.

The Avenue Theater now a Church.

The Annual San Bruno Fair.

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