Thousands of boys and girls will remember the Boys and Girls situated on San Bruno Avenue by Burrows Street. They will also remember the various stores that are now no more.

The youth would go to Bella Pizza, to Arminino's, Lido's and the many better supermarkets that were there once but are there no more. Zupo's is no more and the Portola Hardware is no more. Ayoobs the TV store is no more and the Dime store Vella Variety too are all history.

The Boys and Girls club is now history- it was torn down and I recorded it for you all to see. Some organization in China Town plans to build a Health Clinic and deal with mostly Medicare and medical patients.

The Boys and Girls Club provided a haven for a lot of youth. Those that lived in the Geneva Towers and were young - came to this Boys and Girls Club. The youth from Portola all came and all have fond memories of the Boys and Girls Club.

Many of the youth that visited the San Bruno Boys and Girls club are now all grown up - pass thirty years old or older. I meet many of them and they all share fond memories of the Boys and Girls Club that is now history. I would volunteer at the club and provided the Boys and Girls Club with material assistance.

This City and County of San Francisco - if it had a vision could have saved this Boys and Girls Club. But, we know this City does not care for our youth and less families. It does love the millions we pay in taxes. San Bruno Avenue has many businesses and they all pay a lot of taxes.

We get little in return but that is how it goes with the change of Supervisoral Districts boundary lines and dirty politics hurting innocent youth and adults alike. The present District Supervisor Tom Ammiano does little for Portola and less the Mayor of San Francisco.

The youth will remember Director Kidd of the Boys and Girls Club who now works for Pacific Gas and Electric. Jerome Wagner the Sports Director now works for San Francisco Recreation and Park. I do not see nor meet the others that worked there - but, as I said I do meet the youth that have all grown up and we do share the good times.

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