If General Harrison and General Mallory were given a tour of the Presidio of San Francisco today - they would reel back with shock and notice the obvious - lack of a soul and activity that is geared more towards the Whites with lack of people of color participating as partners on no level at the Presidio of San Francisco.

The Presidio of San Francisco touts that it is a place with a rich past and a promising future. Yes, a promising future - for whom - more like for those we call Whip Cream. People of color made the Presidio of San Francisco - the Ohlone built the Officers Club and many buildings, the African Americans and Asians built the roads, the building, and worked hard to maintain the buildings. No one is saying that the Whites did nothing at all - they did but may be 2 percent of all the work that went into the total infrastructure maintenance and building at the Presidio.

No one really understands the Presidio Trust. It is a quasi-governmental agency and for all purposes a bastardization of an agency that has come to haunt those who believe in Accountability and Transparency. We all remember James Meadows a fighter pilot that bombarded the Presidio of San Francisco with the worst type of corruption.

Craig Middleton who once worked for Nancy Pelosi has seen and knows the true purpose of holding the Presidio together - the power brokers who live just outside the Presidio Gate call the shots and they can call it at midnight and some one who holds the baton has to run and make stuff happen.

The Presidio Board has never represented the constituents of San Francisco or California or for that matter the Nation. The Presidio of San Francisco is a National Park. Never before in any National Park have some one like George Lucas been permitted to build such a large and ugly complex. It would have been just - to have Open Space but an ugly building complex is beyond me. Many of my expert friends share the same but you never know the Presidio Trust Board may see it through eyes accustomed to Star Wars.

The Presidio of San Francisco belongs to the Ohlone. More to the Muwekma Ohlone who have patrimonial jurisdiction over the Presidio and other areas over which they have exercised their Right of First Refusal. The Presidio Board has chosen to remain quiet thinking all will pass away and that they meet the enemy when the time comes. They are mistaken - it is wrong to hurt those who are innocent and it is wrong not to stand for what is right.

The White man has never learned to be spiritual he has always moved towards greed and materialism. This world is worse because of the White Man. There are some exception like Ansel Adams and John Muir. But woe if some one chose Brian O'Neill who speaks from both sides of his mouth as a spokesperson. Susan Hurst and Mai Liss Bartling who are evil in their actions and have harmed innocent people. The goons from Colorado who once worked for the Presidio Trust but today are gone - good riddance of very bad rubbish. We would do injustice if we did not mention the greatest crook of them all the fighter pilot - James Meadows former Director of the Presidio Trust.

The Presidio of San Francisco was built and maintained by people of color. We had the Ohlone and the Buffalo Soldiers. We had the best workers most of them people of color who worked in Building 34 the United States Information Command Center much before the Presidio Trust made it their headquarters. 6th U.S. Signal Command to be precise.

The Letterman Hospital and the Letterman Army Institute of Research (LAIR) contribute a lot to the Nation we call the United States of America. Since the Army left in 1995 most of what we have heard is corruption and greed stories. The Stewart Company the scumbags of Real Property Managers, Toby and his gang of four, Amy Meyer and her devious actions, Don Fisher and his famous Cupid on the Embarcadero. Nothing much of value or anything much that you would write home.

Craig Middleton is in and at a place and has to work within the confines of the worst type of variables. Often times he is jumping from the frying pan to the fire and again to the frying pan and back into the fire.

The dubious National Park Service has filled the Presidio Trust with moles and they are there to undermine any policy that does not suit their selfish purpose.

Craig Middleton did well by getting rid of the former Human Resources Director. There are others who should take note of this and bid adieu before being fired. The Presidio Trust is still top heavy and the sooner many managers leave the better.

The Presidio of San Francisco is indeed a place with a very rich Army past and a promising future - we need good leaders to make that happen and that has not yet happened.

Always remember the Ohlone have patrimonial jurisdiction over the Presidio of San Francisco. Look at the murals when you visit the Chapel on top of the hill. The murals in building 1216. The murals some of which were covered at the Presidio Officers Club. The murals say a lot but one has to see and read between the lines.

One can steal and pretend you are an owner but that is like faking something all the time.

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