For thousands of years the Ohlone roamed the sand dunes of the Presidio of San Francisco. If you go to the Cliff House near by you will find the famous Shellmounds that the National Park Service has failed to preserve and protect.

Other Shellmounds existed all over the Presidio but the so called dumb and stupid NPS archeologists allow their racist bias to avoid talking about the First People and more about the failed Cesspool called Crissy Field Lagoon.

There could be no contradictory words to describe this Cesspool which is not working. It will be legend soon having strong links to the West Nile Disease and the death of human beings.

Around El Polin Springs which was no river but a spring one of many found all over the Presidio in the early 1900s. The Army changed the landscape and used many pristine valleys as dumping grounds. Where once there were native grasses, native plants and bushes, sand dunes which were in place for thousands of years - Major Jones and others decided to plant a forest.

The Eucalyptus Trees took to the land and before you knew it with their acid leaves and sap killed many a native plant. Other non-native trees were planted to keep the wind away killed those creatures and plants that were in existence for thousands of years.

From 1776 the United States Army did a lot to change the Presidio and built many buildings and homes. Initially they used the Ohlone to work for them. This fact is not told and the Americans and before them the Spanish murdered many of the Ohlone just because they were fair game.

Today the Presidio Trust and the National Park Service is no better then the thugs who stole the land from the Ohlone. Then perhaps those thugs did not know better. Today the NPS and the Presidio Trust know but they do not have the guts to do the right thing.

The Muwekma Ohlone exercised their right of First Refusal in 1991. The NPS and Brian O'Neill know this and so does Craig Middleton who worked for Congressperson Nancy Pelosi before taking charge of the Presidio Trust recently.

These two men do not have the guts to do the right thing. They have not made a decent statement about the Muwekma Ohlone. They have not made a decent statement about the Buffalo Soldiers. They have not made a decent statement about humanity. With their blatant silence they have failed society and decency for all eternity.

I have since 1992 tried to work with the NPS and since 1995 the Presidio Trust. I know each and every one who can make a difference but these folks are not decent they have no conscience. They are afraid to do the right thing. They are afraid to speak and right the wrong done to the Muwekma Ohlone. Especially Brian O'Neill who continues to speak from both sides of his mouth.

Craig Middleton will listen and try to do something but never ever quiet does it. He is so used to taking orders. Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

The NPS wants to create a stream by El Polin when NO stream was there to begin with. The NPS want a wetland at Crissy Field when it is impossible to create one after destroying so much that was pristine. It is so funny that Whites will go at great lengths to pollute and then one day decide - just like that to clean up their mess.

The Presidio of San Francisco today continues to get electricity at reduced rates much like it did because of the Raker Act of 1913. It continues to get the SF City services and send all its raw sewage to the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant all the way to the Bayview.

The racist rednecks at the Presidio of San Francisco should have their own sewage treatment plants and send the effluents into the Pacific Ocean that is a stone throw away. The Presidio Trust should pay more for the electricity. They cannot pretend to be snotty while being irresponsible for the crap they generate.

The Letterman Digital Center that George Lucas is building with over 1500 parking spaces underground and over 5000 workers will consume a lot of electricity. The Lucas population will generate raw sewage and other waste and it will all come to the Bayview Hunters Point for treatment and disposal. This is a crying shame.

Today the Presidio Trust and the National Park Service fails to provide jobs for people of color and especially those who live in the Southeast Sector. I know and have dealt with the NPS and Presidio Trust management they are scum bags. I was responsible in some measure in getting rid of James Meadows a crook who stole and wasted millions of taxpayers money. Terry Tremain did a good job and with the right facts that totally mattered.

Today by 15th Avenue Gate the Forest Hill Developers want to build hundreds of homes. Where will they get the energy from and where will all the raw sewage go? San Franciscans know next to nothing about the thug like tactics going on at the Presidio of San Francisco.

If any of the Presidio Generals knew what was happening they would all PUKE. I know that because I served three Generals linked to U.S. Sixth Army and Presidio of San Francisco.

The Stewart Company the worst Real Estate Management Brokers who made their money managing the Geneva Towers and still make their money managing Public Housing and have choice City contracts managing hotels and motels where indigents are treated badly and the Stewart Company goes laughing to the bank.

They even manage the housing at Treasure Island. They manage the choice housing at Simmonds loop going for $5000 a pop.

The worst possible thugs live at the Presidio of San Francisco. Some at the Thoreau Center and part of the Tides Foundation Family choose to do wrong with money and greed. Lots of Whip Cream and very little diversity.

I have been closely monitoring the Presidio of San Francisco and will often visit incognito and talk to people who will pretend to talk to me as if they know the place. I listen and when I tell them that I was there for a long time - they either take off or some will apologize for being arrogant.

Tom still works at the NPS gift shop that is situated at the Officers Club. Tom is White but a good man. He will learn and give credit where credit is due. Not all the Whites are bad - it is not good to generalize but you have to see the scum bags that walk and talk with an inferiority complex. They are not fit to keep the company of the many skunks who make their home at the Presidio.

Once we thought and worked with Mr. Henry Dakin to form an organization like the Presidio Alliance to bring about dialog and progress. The Presidio Trust killed the Presidio Alliance and today pretends that it is reaching out to touch some community. The Presidio Trust is a living dead zombie with no spirit for love and much less for community.

Mr. Henry Dakin moves forward and today we can chill out and talk of the many things we accomplished. Shane Eagleton makes his abode in Hawaii - we two made magic at building 1243. 1244 with Sharon Farrel made magic but today the Presidio Trust is talking of imaginary termites and thinks the 1244 building is on the verge of collapse. It is very funny how the Presidio Trust is out to kill - each and every single project that means well and is progressive.

I meet the Presidio of San Francisco Trust employees and they are frank with me with the working conditions. Whites within the Presidio Trust hold high paying jobs paid by the tax payers which mandates the Presidio Trust to be self sufficient by the yea 2013.

At the rate the Presidio Trust is performing a miracle will have to happen for it to be self-sufficient. The stupid decision made by President Bush invading Iraq will not help nor the economic down turn brought by the happenings of 9/11. Nancy Pelosi once thought she would but she too is resigned to fate and I hope not to fatality of circumstance and corruption.

There were two gray foxes and now there is one. One got killed run over by some motorist. I see the red foxes and their population has grown. The red tail hawks are doing well and screech each time I call to them. I know the Sacred Places and visit them incognito. I watch the quails from a distance and they will be there for some time to come. We now have a deer that evaded the human species and is now at the Presidio till it is sighted and caught and released to Marin County.

I meet the few I know from the U.S. Park Police and it is healing from the day of Merkle Grachen and her cronies of yester years who with intent screwed the Force over. The new command is not good but it is better then the screwed up days of the promiscuous Merkle.

Time changes and hopefully one hopes for the best at the Presidio of San Francisco. Right now the wind is blowing and there is not a lot of change. Soon we hope the evil that rules will fade and progress will show its head.

I know some fine people who keep in touch with me. I say hello and they say hi - we keep in touch and monitor the dying monsters who have spent their evil fire - causing harm. Now most of them are dying because Karma has hit home.

Craig Middleton promised me that he would fix the buildings 85 which was gutted and resurrect building 86 and 87. I will be watching the progress and make sure I capture the detail on my digital. These buildings have ties to the Buffalo Soldiers.

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