The Presidio Trust think nothing much and does not give a hoot when it demands huge rents for housing units that have been paid a thousand times over by tax payers over the years. The Presidio is and was a Military Post first.

The Presidio of San Francisco is a National Park now but there is a lot of serious pimping going on all over the Presidio. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has lost her grip and Don Fisher and his cronies have the deals made behind close doors to suit the needs of the filthy rich.

The Presidio of San Francisco has all the money and has no connection with the Raker Act or the deep connections the Army had in the years gone by to ask for rebates or handouts. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has failed to do its homework. The Presidio Trust does not need any alms - it keeps raking in millions through deals with the filth rich mostly rednecks.

The Presidio Trust is due for signing its mandated contract linked to its sewage and clean water contracts with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has bent back wards to pander to the Presidio Trust and it is wrong. No deals should be signed without clear language about future developments. Where will all the sewage go? Where will they get their clean drinking water? Who will deal with added traffic? Where will the added units in the thousands get their electricity?

The Presidio Trust should be charged market value for all the sewage that comes all the way to the Phelps Raw Treatment Plant which is situated in the Bayview. The Presidio sewage should go to the Ocean Treatment Plant or better still processed within the Presidio and flushed into the Ocean. It is pathetic in this day and age we have the filth rich rednecks still dumping their crap on the Bayview.

Time the filthy rich scumbags learn to take care of their own mess.

In return the Presidio Trust has not helped one single constituents from the Bayview in terms of a job or home. It is always using constituents and people of color to promote its own hidden agenda. It is deplorable when the John Stewart Company that made their money at Visitation Valley with the Geneva Towers many years ago - Public Housing. This company rakes in millions and it is time much of the profit goes to sewage and clean drinking water rates much as each and every San Franciscan.

Today, the Stewart Company leases units and all for premium rent. One single unit at Simmonds Loop goes for about $5000. The average units all over the Presidio of San Francisco for about $3500. Yet these scumbags cannot pay for the sewage and clean drinking water - market value.

October 6, 2004 at 1 p.m. in Room 263 the Finance sub-committee will review the fast slick action the Presidio Trust tried pushing its agenda to get it through the Board of Supervisors on September 28, 2004. It is time the Presidio Trust knows that they are acknowledged scumbags.

The Presidio Trust think nothing about building thousands of units at the 15th Avenue Gate where once stood the United States Public Health Hospital that came under the Veterans Hospital. This was the only building that the Muwekma Ohlone requested as part of their Right of First Refusal. Now the scumbags want to build thousands of units and send all their raw sewage all the way to the Bayview.

It is a shame that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors are ignorant and have no idea of the history of the Presidio of San Francisco and how it is managed today by the Presidio Trust. The Presidio Trust has not cooperated with the San Francisco constituents who live outside the Presidio Gates.

Not long ago the run off from the rains and sewage from within the Presidio forced manhole traps open with sewage running all over the place outside the Presidio Gates and into the Marin neighborhood. The Lucas Digital Center sees nothing wrong with trenches dug outside the San Francisco Presidio Gates to bring electricity within the Gates.

Why does the Presidio not go in for a Combustible Turbine or two and stop tapping into the San Francisco Energy Grid? Again and again the constituents out the Presidio Gate have politely informed the stuck up Presidio Trust officials inside the Gate about traffic problems, noise, dust control, job opportunities - only to be rebuffed time and time again.

The Presidio Alliance was formed to act as a place of dialog and to represent all those who live and not work for the Presidio Trust. The Presidio Trust is not into dialog - it is deeply into mistrust and misdeeds. It looks down on those who can be of help. It does not respect wisdom. Too many rednecks and very little diversity.

It was at its worst when James Meadows ruled supreme before the sucker was booted out. Nothing much has changed - the inner circle of crooks still continue to do much harm. Time Kerry Tremain steps in and exposes the crooks with a second article.

October 6, 2004 at 1 p.m. at City Hall in room 263 those of you that wish to express come and join the company of advocates. It is time the Presidio Trust pay up or shut up. Or plain go away.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors should pay attention. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission should not pander to the rednecks that are the San Francisco Presidio Trust.

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