The Presidio Trust was not in the loop when the Post to Park conveyance took place 10 years ago - 1994. I was there and Craig Middleton the present Director had nothing to do with the Presidio of San Francisco directly. Brian O'Neill the National Park Service Superintendent who talks from both sides of his mouth is still in charge of the NPS - and still messing things around.

Around 1994 Nancy Pelosi came up with the idea of the Presidio Trust and promised the constituent of the Bayarea the world. What she has done is create a fiefdom of rednecks that are out to commercialize the Presidio of San Francisco and destroy all the good that ever was at the Presidio. The Army did the Presidio of San Francisco justice.

Each are every tour walk scheduled during this 10 year annual Post to Park anniversary event is a joke. The docents have no clue about the Muwekma Ohlone and the Crissy Field wetland that has turned out to be a cesspool. The silt keeps building. Today West Nile Virus and its connection with the Crissy Field Cesspool is a reality.

More dogs roam the grounds of Crissy Field then do human beings. Just ask the NPS employees who are forced to collect dog excreta in bags that are over 50 pounds heavy. These innocent employees have no job description that calls for being pooh pooh collectors.

We have many birds that have made their abode over the years. These birds were fortunate to have the wisdom of Major Jones and other like him who worked for the Presidio Army. They chose to plant thousands of trees and protected the birds from those to might have chosen to harm them.

The introduction of the red tail hawks and the protection of other birds had a lot to do with the Army. A clear case in point the quail. When I worked for the NPS I had to stop some misinformed NPS employees who were about to spray a breeding area on the Main Post with pesticides and weed killers. I have taken and do take a personal interest in every facet of the Presidio of San Francisco. The Presidio of San Francisco has many historical buildings. The Presidio Trust and before them the NPS has not had the ability to restore the buildings and more to care for them. Right now the NPS are destroying the interior of building 102 part of the 100 series building right on the Main Post.

The Presidio Trust has yet to repair and maintain hundreds of good buildings - many of them historical. The many buildings in the Fort Scott area around the Fort Scott Main Parade Ground are begging for attention. Bernard Hall and other great buildings continue to fall in disrepair. The Presidio Trust talks the talk but cannot walk the walk.

The NPS has no idea how to portray the role of the all Black Troop the Buffalo Soldiers. They have a Mickey Mouse Ranger who is black and sell out who tries to give some tours but has no idea what he is talking about. Over 450 Buffalo Soldiers lie in the Presidio Cemetery.

Building 682 is a Buffalo Soldier Building and has been given to all White Rednecks to operate as a Charter School. The operators have no idea about the history of the building. I asked them and they were perplexed that they had not been informed by the Presidio Trust. Many changes have been made to this building without any consideration for the all Black Soldiers all Buffalo Soldiers and the important history they played in the history of the United States and California.

The Buffalo Soldiers first maintain the Federal Lands much before the National Park Service was formed in 1916. The first Standard Operating Procedures to manage National Park such as Sequoia National Park were written by the Buffalo Soldiers.

Today not one single street nor a single monument has been erected in memory of the Buffalo Soldiers. Both the NPS and the Presidio Trust will exhibit photographs most, of which they have stolen from Anthony Powell without giving him credit. The disgusting behavior of these rednecks is open defiance when it comes to giving Blacks and people of color credit. This is a crying shame. 10 years from Post to Park and no change. In fact today we are worse off. There will be many Post to Park anniversaries and I have the most complete memorabilia of the First Post to Park celebration. Those who were alive will remember the Pow Wow, which was held at Crissy Field, lined with Palm Tress - they all were removed and killed.

On the Main Post there were all sorts of activities. Amy Meyer's husband was alive and wanted some coffee so I invited her and her husband to my office. Today Amy Meyer works to the detriment of the Presidio of San Francisco and sides with Don Fisher and Toby the premier scum bags of contemporary San Francisco - 2004.

It has been brought to my attention that the Presidio Trust has killed young red tail foxes because the Presidio Trust has determined that the foxes are not indigenous. This is plain murder. Several telephone calls to Damian Roffa from the Natural Resources have not been answered. It is wrong to kill any life - especially wild life in the Presidio of San Francisco.

Rednecks keep getting choice leases and contracts. People of color have been kept out. Now and then token exhibits are held mostly favoring the sellout Hispanic Middle Class through biased Presidio Trust historian and his cronies.

The Presidio of San Francisco has become a haven for rednecks and their activities. It has no soul. Commercialization is in full swing and the Letterman Lucas Digital Center project is nearing its completion. The complex is so ugly and should never have been built at the Presidio.

The Doyle Drive route will go underground and harm the Halleck Corridor. The Main Post will be tunneled and Mr. Saaga the $350,000 Project Manager is enjoying it - laughing all the way to the bank while working on the project and for San Francisco County Transportation Authority. The Presidio Trust cannot think straight and is in a mess. All over the Presidio of San Francisco - lots of Whip Cream and no diversity. The Post to Park has not encouraged diversity from day one. We are worse off today with the Presidio Trust and Nancy Pelosi's concept that is going no where.

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