The Whites who stole the Presidio of San Francisco from the Ohlone have not learned much from all the years of living about what really is indigenous. I can tell you for one thing the Whites are not or will ever be indigenous to the Presidio of San Francisco. Even those who will say I am a Native with all the blue in their eyes.

For years I have been tracking the red tail foxes, the quails, the bob cats, many of the animals, birds, and insects too many to mention. Recently, I heard that those who should know better have killed some red tail foxes in the Presidio of San Francisco and this is totally wrong.

The reason the so-called stupid Naturalists give is that the red tail fox is not indigenous and have been feasting on the quail. Well the Whites are not indigenous, have messed the Presidio and other places. So, what should we do with them?

When it comes to nature the Presidio of San Francisco and the quasi-governmental agency have no viable policy that deals with Forest Management, the Sewer, Waste of clean water, traffic, pollution, and plain fairness when it comes to jobs and people of color.

The red necks that control the Presidio of San Francisco will proudly send their sewage all the way to the Bayview. Depend on electricity that is produced in the Bayview Hunters Point. When it comes to jobs the Bayview and Hunters Point gets the shaft.

Crissy Field is a cesspool and has produced many cases of dead birds that have died from the West Nile Virus. It is just a matter of time before humans in the Presidio will meet their fate from the West Nile Virus disease that the migratory birds when they land and spread the disease in the Crissy Field Lagoon that is more a cesspool.

I prefer an influx of Coyotes and less of the red necks. The animals, birds, insects and other forms of life excluding homo sapiens will and can adapt. It is the Whites that I am totally concerned about. Just think of 1500 parking spaces at the Letterman Lucas Digital Center. The over 500 units that will be built for the filthy rich. Just think of all the cars polluting the Presidio of San Francisco. Now think of all this damage and more done by the Whites to the Presidio who have no remorse. All this is a National Park.

Remember the scumbag James Meadows and all those thugs from Colorado from the Correction Facility. Remember the crooks with their hunting dogs and guns. Well, where have they all gone now? Don Fisher, Toby, Amy Meyer some others thought nothing of importing these scumbags. Now, these same jerks want to do good for the Presidio?

Nancy Pelosi who is as fake as the two-inch make up she wears does not know anything much of what is going on at the Presidio of San Francisco. The recent 10 year Post to Park dog and pony show was a joke.

If the Army were here to witness the pathetic jerks that are wasting taxpayer money - they would boot them in a second. It is a shame that these scumbags live at the Presidio and project an image that is far removed from the good old days of the Army. Sixth Army and the Presidio of San Francisco stood tall and all embracing. These scumbags stink to high heaven with all the prudish rules and regulations that are assaine.

Remember you coyotes are more then welcome to the Presidio of San Francisco. As to the others you can leave the sooner the better. Leave the Presidio of San Francisco to the coyotes that are welcome.

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