The Presidio of San Francisco.


There was a time when most everyone was afraid of the thugs from Colorado who all infested the Presidio of San Francisco with the blessings of the Presidio Trust Board. Heading the thugs James Meadows and chief henchperson Steve Hood. I never was afraid of the thugs and wrote openly about the scumbags on this site.

No one know how many millions were wasted and stolen by the thugs from Colorado who got all the choice jobs and lived in the choice homes at the Presidio of San Francisco. I worked for the US Park Police at the time and had the opportunity to know more then most people would. Police officers would confide in me and what I heard reminded me of the Gestapo under Hitler.

James Meadows the then Presidio Trust Director did as he pleased and gave Quarters One the home of former Generals who commanded the Sixth US Army and Presidio of San Francisco always with respect and honor - dishonor. James Meadows had a harem and did as he pleased much as Caligula of ancient Rome.

People of color were not given opportunities to work at the Presidio of San Francisco. James Meadows talked the talked but did not walk the walk. He once stated that the Ohlone never lived at the Presidio of San Francisco they just came to have a picnic! When I confronted him about this statement he denied he ever said it. He was one man that looked you straight in the eye and lied. Kerry Tremain did a good job on that one of kind scumbag.

The National Park Service (NPS) took it upon itself to refurbish James Meadows home. The NPS even paid for his leased BMW. NPS workers worked hard on James Meadow's home - when they were not supposed to. The NPS, Brian O'Neill and Mai Liis Bartling were sucking up to James Meadows. Typical of Whip Cream and corruption. Steve Hood who worked for the Presidio Trust and implanted himself from Colorado saw that he wife was placed in a position where she could manipulate fiscal matters. He took care of all fiscal matter related to Maintenance and Buildings matters - where most of the money was budgeted. Steve Hood saw that he and his cronies got good money and perks including hunting dogs complete with hunting guns and an attitude inherent with pompous rednecks.

Steve Hood and his buddies were all Correctional Officers. They all behaved like one and always intimated those who they felt were not their type and did not share their interests.

It has been some years now that these vermin have left the Presidio - most of them after James Meadows was fired from a job that earned him over $150,000 plus perks. The damage these thugs did to the Presidio of San Francisco is deep and will be remembered by many innocent National Park Service who were cheated of their federal service and jobs.

The National Park Service (NPS) promised its former employees to switch over to the Presidio Trust. The reason the NPS gave was that the Presidio Trust had the money and the NPS did not. The Presidio Trust had the Full Time Employee (FTE) slots and the NPS did not. Many fell victim when they went over to the Presidio Trust and in two years were laid off. Shame on Barbara Jo Griffin, Mai Liis Bartling, Susan Hurst, and Brian O'Neill.

The above mentioned scumbags will burn in hell for all the suffering they caused to so many innocent employees. Many of these employees were former employees who worked for the Army and they had to experience Reduction In Force (RIF). Then the NPS gave them a shaft with another fake RIF and they went to the Presidio Trust. And finally the thugs from the Presidio Trust fired and laid off many hard working innocent Federal workers.

The Presidio Trust Board did not support the employees and Trust Board members like Don Fisher, Mary Murphy, Amy Meyer, Toby, and others looked the other way. Nancy Pelosi who brags that she supports the Union workers - sold out to the Presidio Trust. The Union itself LIUNA 1140 under Mike Crahan had to fight because the Presidio Trust refused to sit down and bargain. Nothing much has changed and today the Presidio Trust employees are worse off.

Craig Middleton once promised hope as the Director of the Presidio Trust - he now sit on the fence and watches which side is green. He mostly will not side with the employees he sure is for the Management.

Time the scumbags are kicked out of the Presidio of San Francisco. It is a shame at a former Army Post has been infested with thugs and crooks who want to commercialize the Presidio of San Francisco.

Not a day goes by when I do not get complaints from the Presidio employees. Now I get complaints about the Presidio Trust killing animals such as the red tail fox. This is the limit - these scumbags do not deserve to live and work at the Presidio of San Francisco. The Presidio Trust will never ever be self-sufficient by the year 2013.

The Presidio under the Army.

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