When Supervisors McGoldrick and Alioto-Pier called for a special hearing on the proposed 15th Avenue Street closure little did they expect to be rebuffed by the Presidio Trust? Craig Middleton the Presidio Trust Director decided to go Washington DC rather then be at City Hall before the Land Use Committee. The federal fiscal year begins every October and if Middleton needs more money or appropriations that have fallen short - now is the time to make those deals.

Middleton sent Jody Sanford one of those dumb inept spokespersons to represent him and boy did she put her foot in her mouth. She could not answer one question straight and when she read a prepared statement from Craig Middleton it called the neighbors - parochial.

This is a good lesson for our Board of Supervisors (BOS). Time and time again the BOS has accommodated the Presidio Trust that is an animal that has stood for everything wrong. From James Meadows the Presidio Trust Director who was fired to Bruce Anderson who wasted millions of taxpayers dollars and is now gone. You have Don Fisher, Amy Meyer, and Toby all Presidio Trust Board Members who think the Presidio is their fiefdom and they give a hoot what the BOS have to say.

Time and time again Jody Sanford invited those who has something to say to attend the Presidio Trust Board meeting on November 4, 2004 at the Presidio Officers Club. That is how arrogant these rednecks are. The issue at hand was what was the Presidio Trust going to do about the excessive traffic and the proposed housing units in their hundreds planned to be built at the 15th Avenue Gate by the former U.S. Public Health Hospital?

McGoldrick kept repeating is there anyone here from the Presidio Trust whom can answer this question? Well, Jody Sanford was the Presidio Trust she plainly told Jake, the inept Sophie, Alioto-Pier, and Peskin you guys go take a hike - we the Presidio Trust do not have to listen to you. You are as parochial as the neighbors who live outside the 15th Avenue Gate are. The City and County of San Francisco has no mandated right to provide Public Transportation, Fire and Emergency Services, Sewage and Energy Services, and a host of other services but the City does so without question to the Presidio Trust.

Recently without proper notification and process the City and County of San Francisco would have extended the sewer contract with the Presidio Trust for a year. Some of us brought the deficiencies to the attention of the SF Public Utilities Commissioners and the Board of Supervisors and put a stop to a contract that favors the Presidio Trust.

Time and time again naive SF Board of Supervisors who have no information about the history of the Presidio and no nothing about the Presidio of San Francisco especially when the Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco had jurisdiction.

The Army provided a lot of services to the City and the City too to the Army. The Army for example directly enjoyed many of the privileges linked to the Raiker Act. During the earthquakes of 1906 and 1989 the Army help tremendously with most everything. The Presidio Trust does not have that ability - it is always taking never giving.

Today, the Presidio Trust is making money. It boasts that you can rent homes at the Presidio of San Francisco with free utilities in all the Real Estate brochures. It can say so because it gets a break when it comes to sewer charges, transportation, drinking water and electricity. It is a shame that the City and County of San Francisco allow rednecks to be subsidized by the City and County of San Francisco.

It is time another open hearing is called before the Board of Supervisors and we address again the issues pertaining to traffic, sewer, clean drinking water, public transportation, fire and emergency services, and all the memoranda of agreement the City and County has with the Presidio Trust.

Once we have this open public hearing - time to raise the fees on public transportation, fire and emergency services, sewer and clean drinking water, and a host of other services that this City provides to the Trust. It would be prudent that at the November 4, 2004 meeting at the Officers Club at the Presidio some City representative bring to the attention how the Presidio Trust officials respond to the concerns of San Francisco. The performance of Jody Sanford was despicable to say the least.

The Presidio Trust needs the City and County of San Francisco not the other way around.

It is not right for Letterman Lucas Digital Center to build 1500 underground garages and increase pollution and traffic a the Presidio of San Francisco with traffic over flowing into the Streets of San Francisco. The Presidio is a National Park not a Commercial Estate.

Lucas Digital Center catering to over 5000 people and sucking all the electricity from the City and County of San Francisco with power plants in the Bayview Hunters Point. Sending all its Presidio sewage all the way to the Bayview. Providing no jobs to the Bayview Hunters Point and much less to the constituents of San Francisco.

SFPUC, Department of Public Works, Fire and Police Departments, MUNI and other City Departments have bent backwards to accommodate the Presidio of San Francsico. This is wrong. Time we realize that the Presidio of San Francisco is making tons of money renting homes for $5000 a month and yet stealing from the City and County of San Francisco for all basic services.

The City and County of San Francisco is in the red more then $400 million. The City does not know exactly what services the Presidio gets from the City. The City Departments act and deliver services without written agreements - SFPUC panders to the Presidio Trust and penalizes the constituents of San Francisco. This is plain wrong.

Time our Board of Supervisors talk the talk but fail to walk the walk - educate themselves. Especially Jake McGoldrick who has a habit of running his mouth so fast that it is difficult to understand what the hell he is talking about. The Presidio Trust is an animal not to be trusted much more befriended.

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