The San Francisco Presidio Trust is mandated to be self-sufficient by the year 2013. Judging from the performance of the Presidio Trust since 1995 the end result has been pathetic.

Rednecks and racists mostly control the decision making at the Presidio Trust. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi who has never made any progressive decision has screwed up the workings of the Presidio Trust and in the bargain destroyed the best that Sixth Army and Presidio left well as a legacy for all time. Time will tell.

The Presidio Trust with a pompous attitude is defying the City and County of San Francisco and wants to build over 350 housing units at the 15th Avenue Gate. The Presidio Trust thinks they can just get the energy from nowhere and also send their excreta all the way to the Bayview without impunity.

The Presidio Trust does not conserve clean drinking water which the City and County of San Francisco supplies at a cheaper rate. It waters is lawns with Hetch Hetchy water and uses toxins to undermine the watershed.

The City and County of San Francisco has led them to think this way by bending backwards and helping the Presidio Trust with the Letterman Digital Center which is controlled by George Lucas. George Lucas is not well liked by the residents who surround the Skywalker Ranch in Marin County - he has the money but not the understanding that he tries to portray in his movies. George Lucas has learned little from his guru Joseph Campbell who was about compassion and understanding.

The Presidio Trust lied to Congress and the Senate through the Crook who has since been fired - James Meadows. The paltry sum of $5 million a year is nothing - and that is the amount plus other discounted perks that George Lucas will pay the Presidio Trust for running the ugly Letterman Digital Center that tarnishes the Lombard Gate one of the many entrances to the Presidio of San Francisco. The Letterman Army Medical Center and the Letterman Army Research Center helped thousands of Army and other service women and men from all the Services. It was the center of compassion and even today many come to visit the old site and ponder the days when they were recuperating from illness or injury. Holistic.

Now we have some ugly matchboxes with red roofs ugly as hell and a disgrace to anything aesthetic. And all these coming from George Lucas and his trillion-dollar industry of movies and make believe. George Lucas has the redneck Presidio Trust Upper Management mesmerized. Poor Craig Middleton has lost his senses and the magnets of Star Wars are having their way all the way to the bank.

The constituents of America all paid for the Presidio of San Francisco technically till the year 2005. The Sixth U.S. Army was destined to remain at the Presidio till 2005. Then Congress decided to deactivate Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco in 1995 - and in came first the National Park Service (NPS) and then the quasi-governmental agency - the Presidio Trust. No one understands this quasi agency.

The Presidio of San Francisco is over 1480 acres of well-kept grounds, facilities, buildings, and homes. Good roads and infrastructure that was well maintained by the Army for hundreds of years. Today the Presidio Trust and before that the NPS have screwed the operations and thus failed to maintain that which was once operational by the Army.

One cannot teach the Presidio Trust and before that the NPS - the mainly White rednecks racists management think they cannot be touched. It is this blatant arrogance and lack of understanding practical facts that have put both the NPS and the Presidio Trust - in an arena of doldrums of lethargic ambivalence.

Today we see the moral of the blue worker workforce at the Presidio so low that each time I visit the Presidio - I get very sick. At one time I fought for the employees especially those Presidio Trust employees of color. All hard workers but they never ever get any support from those that matter. This nonsense can go on for so long - then there will be a backlash and all hell will break loose. Upper Management at the Presidio Trust enjoys all the perks that they DO NOT deserve. Most of them sit on their ass and do no work. I see this all the time. Call them on the telephone and the jackasses never get back to you. Or if they get back to you after days they pretend they were so busy.

When I worked for the Presidio of San Francisco I was always there to talk to anyone - whether they walked through the door of chose to speak to me by telephone. I was even more prompt if they e-mailed me. I can say that of all of the employees who came over from the Army and some from the NPS. Today there is a climate of we can do as we please at the Presidio Trust. Shame on you scumbags who are paid by the taxpayers.

The Forest Management Plan at the Presidio is going no where. And I detest when I hear and read how the low mentality - inept and arrogant Trust employees have killed baby red foxes. This is a crime and who ever did that should be sent to jail for a long, long time.

The reason given by the Presidio Trust as to why they resorted to kill the baby red foxes is because they kill and eat the quail. Well let me tell you the domestic cats and dogs that the rednecks have on the Presidio in large measure are mainly responsible for the death of the quails.

The increased vehicular traffic has killed many quails and even a gray fox.

Coyotes from across the Golden Bridge have crossed from North to South to make their abode at the Presidio and feast on whatever they get. Time they feast on some rednecks.

These Presidio Trust conservationists are stupid when they with intent kill the red foxes that I took so much care to preserve and protect for years going back to the early 1980s. If the Army was there the jackasses would be sent to jail if not ..

All sorts of unwanted and unethical businesses are making a living at the Presidio Trust. The Pelosi gang, which has ties to the Mafia back East, will do anything to make a fast buck. Nancy Pelosi even went sofar as to form a PACK and collect money and use one of Tide Foundation connection to be linked to her corrupt political endeavors. We are not fools we follow and know much about the little fake good for nothing Minority Whip - who looks no good with her big round eyes reminding me of the Lemurs from Madagascar. The woman will lie and do anything for money. No wonder not even the skunks take no notice of her.

Bottom line the Presidio Trust has let us down and will in the future. They fail to understand the Presidio Trust is a National Park. No National Park should have hundreds of housing that caters to folks who love to keep thousands of cats and dogs and compete with the wild life that has been there for ages.

Right now we have more red necks, less red foxes, and still less quails.

Presidio quail.

Why kill a red fox?

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